How to connect my hp printer to iPhone or android device?

How to connect my hp printer to iPhone or android device?

Connect the iPhone to the HP Printer:-

We all are living in the modern world and today the things have become very easier and very simple in the serval areas of life and there are many areas where that printer has become the biggest part of life and everyone is expecting the more services and we will guide in this article how can the user can easily setup hp printer on iPhone with the Hp printer.

Now with the advanced technology the user can connect the wireless printer to your iPhone and there are some methods that will tell the user to connect the iPhone to the HP printer.

The First method is that connect the iPhone with the HP Printer using the Airprint.

Now the Airprint applications that will enable the person to print high quality documents and these things that the user is going to require the print the documents using the Airprint and these are the third generation iPod and the iPhone 3GS and moreover that you are going to require the printer that is compatible with the AirPrint that have the latest firmware and these functionality of the airprint is the same in all the apple smartphones and that makes the functions of airprint is the same in all the iOS smartphones that is why is very easy for the use of this software.

Step 1:- Link the iphone with the wireless network :-


If the user wants to use the AirPrint method, then the user can only connected it with computer and the user needs to keep in mind that there can be same wireless network and the user needs to keep in mind there are detailed instruction that are mentioned over here.

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Step 2: Select the Printer which is Your HP Printer

Launch the AirPrint application and after that check that whether there is a connection between your printer and the iPhone or not. The AirPrint support the application that can be evernote , safari and the mail. These apps are similar to the reply of the email.

Step 3: Select the Total No. of Copies

When you are done with that how the user can setup hp printer on iPhone, tap on the subtraction and in addition to choose the number of copies that user wants and that must be maximum 99 not more than that.

Step 4: Print

After that choosing the printer and the number of pages that the user wants to print and then after that the user wish that that the user can choose the printer right vertex of the

Method 2: Print by Using with the help of Email services:-

The user can print at any time at any place in the world by sending the document and the file in email to your HP printer’s assigned the email. This is the process that is also known that by knowing the name of the HP and tell the eprint services and this method works on most of the models not in all the models.

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