Here are the top mixed drinks with vodka that you can make

mixed drinks with vodka

Among all the popular liquors, vodka is one of the easiest drinks that you can mix with many. The clear taste of this drink makes it easier to make many mixed drinks with vodka. Here are some of the top cocktail recipes that you can try if you have vodka at home.

Vodka martini

If you like a little bitterness in your drink, this is one of the best mixed drinks with vodka that you can try. Add vodka, lemon bitters, and dry vermouth. However, it is a little stronger drink, suitable for true vodka lovers. The vermouth should not be more than three months old if you want the best vodka martini. If you want an aromatic touch, try lavender or peach bitters.

Cosmopolitan – fruity mixed drink with vodka

If you wish to add some fruit flavor to your liquor, vodka is the best choice. You can easily mix a pink cosmopolitan with vodka. Add vodka, lime juice, orange liqueur, and cranberry juice. If you wish your drink sweeter, add more cranberry juice. If you want it brighter, add a little more orange liqueur.

Black Russia – coffee-touched mixed drink with vodka

Are you fed up with the mixed drinks with vodka that has a fruity touch? How about adding some caffeine to it? Mix vodka and coffee liqueur, and you will get Black Russia. Usually, it comes with a cherry on top. If you are looking for a wake-up drink, this is a perfect choice.

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Vodka tonic – the mixed drink with vodka for dinner

If you wish to add a little vodka to your dinner, the vodka tonic is a good choice. It is a soda-touched refreshing drink to cleanse your palate between dishes. Mix vodka with tonic and add lime or lemon (even both) to it. Do not forget to mix ice with it. If you want a different variant, add berry vodka with orange and lemon juice. Mango liqueur would add a tropical touch to your drink. Some prefer the base recipe with strawberry tonic.

Moscow mule – spicy ginger drink with vodka

Moscow mule became famous in the mid-20th century. It is the new generation’s appealing cocktail. Mix vodka, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer. Add twice the amount of ginger beer as vodka. Garnish with lime wedges. You can also replace ginger beer with ginger ale for a spicier touch.

Screwdriver – if you want a heavy fruit note

If you are wishing a splash of vodka in fruit, the screwdriver is the right choice. It is nothing more than a tainted orange juice. Thus, it is best suited for wedding brunch or if you want to stay clear throughout the night and yet drink more. Mix five ounces of fresh orange juice with two ounces of vodka. Garnish it with orange slices.

Madras – a triple mixed vodka drink

Do you want to go fruitier than screwdriver? Try madras, the drink with mixers like cranberry juice, orange juice, and raspberry-flavored vodka. You can also enhance the taste with any citrus-flavored or cucumber vodka. Add more cranberry juice to get a fruitier touch. If you miss the orange juice, you will make cape codder – a mixture of vodka and cranberry juice.

Sea breeze – a non-sweet mixed drink with vodka

Not every mixed drink with vodka is sweeter. You can mix cranberry vodka with grapefruit to get a tangy and bitter touch. If you do not have cranberry vodka, mix twice the amount of cranberry juice to vodka and add grapefruit juice. Make sure to keep the grapefruit juice to the minimum, unless you are fine with the rough taste of the citrus.

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Lemon drop martini – sweet-tart drink

Coat the rim of a cocktail glass with granulated sugar. Mix two parts of vodka with one part of fresh lemon juice. Garnish with a lemon. If you wish to add more sweetness to the drink, add a little simple syrup.

Chocolate martini – cacao drink with vodka

Mix vodka and crème de cacao to get a chocolate martini. Coat the rim with cocoa powder for an extra kick. You can try both the dark crème de cacao and the light one. If you wish something sweeter, try chocolate liquor instead of crème de cacao. If you are looking for a different taste, try coffee, coconut, or berry-flavored vodka in this recipe.

Bliss on the beach – summer vodka drink

Mix a combination of summer fruit juices like orange, peach, and cranberry juices to vodka. Also, add crème de cassis or black currant to your vodka base. The best part is, you can go with an inexpensive vodka brand too. Since it is a heavily-fruit flavored drink, you can save money on cheap vodkas. Instead of peach juice, add peach schnapps for a more kick.

Harvey wallbanger – a variant of screwdriver

Harvey wallbanger is a disco-era drink. It is a mixture of Galliano L’Autentico, orange juice, and vodka. If you use tequila instead of vodka, you get a Freddie Fuddpucker. If you use other liqueurs than Galliano L’Autentico, you will not get the perfect touch of Harvey wallbanger.

Pearl harbor – the pineapple vodka drink

Pearl harbor is a mix of pineapple juice, green melon liqueur, and vodka. You can make stripes of green and yellow by making layers of each juice in the glass. However, it would take better when you mix it well. You should use only the best vodka to get the perfect drink. Some suggest adding melon liqueur to pineapple vodka, but it would taste more like spiked pineapple juice.

Godmother – a slow sipping drink

It is an old fashioned drink of vodka and amaretto with lots of ice. The trick is to pick the best amaretto to bring the best taste. The top choices are Marie Brizard, Luxardo, Lazzaroni, or Disarrano. You can even pick the cheapest vodka and get the best combination.