How A Migration Agent Can Simplify the Visa Application Process

How A Migration Agent Can Simplify the Visa Application Process

Life in the Land Down Under is an exciting prospect. This is why thousands of people apply for Australian visas annually. However, we are all aware of how much this process can also be complicated and stressful. There is a lot of paperwork involved, costs that need to be paid, and on top of it all, a significant amount of time that you need to wait out until it all gets processed.

You also need to be aware that, considering the number of applications that it has to deal with, the Department of Immigration and Border Control cannot afford to provide a personal approach to each and every one. What this means is that if you make a mistake, you will not get a call about it. You are going to get refused.

This is why you should employ the help of a migration agent. Your application process will be significantly simpler, and you will have someone who is going to help you make sure that there are no mistakes that could end up in refusal just because you weren’t sure about what you were doing.

Having the necessary information

A migration agent has what you most probably do not – extensive knowledge of everything regarding migration laws and related processes. What you need is information, and you need it in a timely manner. An agent will provide you with just that.

They will also help you determine what kind of visa you really need. There is, in fact, a wide variety of different visas to choose from in Australia, and it is important that you apply for the right one. You need to take a number of factors into consideration. For example, you need to know whether you want to reside in Australia permanently or just visit for a certain period of time. It is also of great importance whether your intention is to study or work there. Furthermore, you also need to decide which part of Australia best suits you in regard to all the other factors. What all this means is that you might be qualified for a number of different visas. However, of course, there is a particular one that you want to apply for, and if you make a mistake, it can cost you a lot of money.

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A good migration agent will also take all the necessary actions on time, and be able to honestly tell you about how good your chances of getting the visa are.

Taking clear steps

Furthermore, having the right person to help you will make sure that all the steps that you have to take are a lot clearer and simpler. You won’t have to worry all that much about the whole lot of documents, processes, and timelines that you need to take care of and adhere to.

They will make sure that you have properly filled out your application, and that you pay the right fee for it. Anything that might confuse you in terms of Australian laws and regulations, as well as any current changes for that matter, will be clearly explained to you. Furthermore, you will have a person who has the ability to track the progress of your application with the Australian government for you.

Disclosing your criminal record

Every migration agent will advise you the same thing – if you have ever been to court before and you have a criminal record, you simply must disclose it in your visa application. You can use Lookupinmate to search.. They will also help you put together all the necessary information about your past collisions with the law and phrase them properly so that the DIBC knows exactly what happened, in the most sincere and truthful manner possible.

This is all due to the fact that the Australian government takes criminal records quite seriously. You cannot dilute or lie about anything that you have done. Even when you properly disclose everything that is necessary for your application, the Department will conduct its own investigation of your past, and will not let you into the country if they find any inconsistencies or lack of information.

Getting it right the first time

Another thing that is really important and why you need to hire the best help you can find is the fact that the best chances of successfully getting an Australian visa are the first time around. People may think that failing doesn’t matter because you can always try again, but the fact is that applying for a visa repeatedly will not end up with the Department deciding to be merciful and let you in.

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In fact, the DIBC keeps a record of all the visa applications, including the failed ones. Everything that goes wrong with your first attempt remains recorded in detail. So, the next time that you decide to apply for the Australian visa, all these mistakes can actually work against you. This especially counts if you apply for the visa soon after your first failed attempt. Your new application will be examined even closer, decreasing your chances of success instead of improving them. This is why it is important to find the best immigration lawyers right from the start.

Appealing if you get refused

However, even if you do get refused, a migration agent will inform you about all that you need to know in terms of appealing the decision for your application to be denied. Once you receive the refusal letter from the Department, it is still not time to give up. You have to carefully go through it with your agent and determine what can be done.

It is crucial to fully comprehend what your options for appealing are, and how you can use them to your advantage. You have to pick the right approach and do this as soon as possible because there are most often quite short time limits for you to react.

In Summation

As we have ascertained, the whole application process for getting an Australian visa that you need is quite complicated. You can sit down in front of your computer and browse a wide variety of websites that offer useful advice, quite often in the form of guides on how to go through the entire ordeal.

However, while they all may seem to care about your best interests, they simply cannot replace the help of a qualified professional. So, instead of attempting to DIY the visa application process, find yourself a top-notch migration agent and do everything properly.