Jagratha e-Pass: How to apply for it?

Jagratha e-Pass

The beginning of March saw the resurgence of coronavirus as a deadly force in certain states of the country of India. As a result, the states individually began taking measures to further prevent the spread and increase of fatalities. Kerala was one such state, and due to the inflow of persons from affected countries, the state has taken strict steps to monitor and control measures against the disease. It has gone ahead in identifying practically all possible contacts, thereby preventing the spread of disease and on-time wellness actions to persons. Therefore it has launched the Jagratha e-Pass for citizens to move in emergencies, with due permission from the authorities.

What was the situation in India during the second wave, and how did the authorities react?

As COVID spreads through contact, it was advised not to go to public and crowded areas. At first, the Government of India imposed a full lockdown in all parts of the country. Presently, the country seems to be reeling under the second wave of coronavirus. This directly affected the way people traveled and state governments imposing strong curbs and restrictions. The e-Pass for traveling purposes was the only immediate solution that the states badly hit by the coronavirus had to begin relying upon. The registration should be possible from the authority prescribed avenues. 

However, as each state isn’t proportionally hit, it won’t be possible to impose a pan-India lockdown. Thus, governments like Kerala are forcing lockdown in their states as indicated by the circumstances in their states. This needed to be swift and unforgiving, just as the rise of the virus was in the state of Kerala. To monitor the movement of people and to immediately break the chain of the virus, certain tough measures were drafted and announced to the people of the state.

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Treating the number of increased cases in India as the main priority, the chief minister of Kerela, Pinarayi Vijayan, imposed the lockdown for eight days on the 6th of May, 2021. This lockdown is beginning from the 8th of May to the 16th of May 2021. What’s more, released below is a rundown of guidelines to be followed during this lockdown. As per these guidelines, arbitrary movements of people starting from one place to another are restricted. This led to many people wondering about how exactly they should be traveling in case of an emergency. 

What is the Jagratha e-Pass?

To make things clearer, the Kerala government announced an online portal where people could apply for permission. To further explain to the readers what this facility is and how it works; given below is a brief description including the steps and the procedures. Carefully read all the rules and regulations to ensure that you do not end up unsuccessfully applying for the provision made by the Kerala government.

An authority e-gateway started as Kerala Jagratha e-pass, where people can generate Kerala movement e-pass for emergency commutes. It is a sort of one-stop stage for different Coronavirus facilities and requirements in the state. It additionally offers all the required data about the accessibility of different medical facilities in Kerala.

Kerala has different choices for obtaining an e-pass on this Jagratha gateway, which can stump the common people while generating E-passes on the website/app. Thus, we are simplifying it for you by defining the steps of registering for a Jagratha e-pass through the facility easily and essentially. 

What are the different types of Jagratha e-Pass?

To begin with, there are two primary types available for the registration procedure through the Kerala Jagratha service. The first is for citizens who are commuting to or from Kerala for emergency purposes. The second is for business people. In case they have to travel all around or out of Kerala for certain permissible reasons. Nonetheless, given below are the steps for the same; kindly follow these to ensure that you successfully obtain a Jagratha e-pass effectively.

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What are the steps to apply for a Jagratha e-Pass?

  • Head to the Covid-19 Jagratha website provided by the Kerala government to access the gateway. 
  • Pick the choice of the citizen from when asked.
  • From the drop menu, you should select the choice of the type of event registration. 
  • It will be necessary to provide data like your mobile number and verify the same with an OTP sent across your phone. 
  • Then you will be provided with the rules and regulations for the Jagratha e-pass. Ensure that you read it carefully before carrying on. 
  • Fill the application structure that is provided for the Jagratha e-pass. 
  • Fill in all the necessary data and choose the “save” choice. 
  • After completing the application on the Jagratha e-pass portal, you shall get an SMS on your mobile number stating the progress with the endorsement of your Kerala Jagratha e-pass. 

What are the steps for business owners?

If you are a business person from the state who needs an e-pass to move between places during the lockdown, you ought to undertake the steps that are listed below:

  • Head to the Jagrata gateway through the provided connection by the Government of Kerala. 
  • Pick the choice of “business owner” from the home page. 
  • Then select the choice “Visitor register.” 
  • You shall have to provide data such as a legitimate mobile number and verify the same via an OTP sent on your phone. 
  • A clear application structure will appear on the next page; and you will fill in all the mandatory data, for example, the purpose of visit, etc. 
  • Once you tap the save button, the registration shall be done. 
  • This way, you shall successfully register as a business owner; with the necessary permissions to travel starting with one place and to move onto the next during a lockdown using your new e-pass. Finally, you shall get an update on your mobile number post the acceptance of your application.