Paris Jackson Net Worth: Early Life, Career, & Many More

Paris Jackson Net Worth

Acting and singing are two different sectors in the entertainment industry. There are a few people in the industry who can manage both at once. Paris Jackson is one of them. She is a multi-skilled personality who gained success in her most of career attempts. Today, we will discover Paris Jackson net worth and the facts behind it.

Who is Paris Jackson?

Paris Jackson is an American Actress and singer. She is well known for her father’s identity. She is the only daughter of famous singer Michael Jackson. Paris released her first single, “Let Down,” on October 29, 2020. Besides singing, she is also an actress and television personality. She acted in several films and started appearing on television at five.

Short Bio of Paris Jackson

Full Name Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson
Birthdate April 3, 1998 (age 25)
Birthplace Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5’ 10” (1.78 m)
Profession Model, Actress, singer
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $100 million

Paris Jackson net worth

Paris Jackson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $100 million. The primary source of this massive net worth is the inherited assets from her father, Michael Jackson. Besides this, she has made success in her every career attempt. Singing, acting, and modeling everywhere she has seen success. Her multi-talented skills allow her to achieve that massive net worth.

Paris Jackson Net Worth

Early Life

Paris Jackson was born in Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Her father, Michael Jackson, was known as the “king of pop.” and her mother, Debbie Rowe, was a housewife. Paris has one elder brother named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (“Prince”) and a younger brother named Prince Michael Jackson II.

Paris started her high school at the Buckley School. This school was an extremely private school. Paris and her two brother reads here. During her high school time, she used to play football and softball. She also does cheerleading in her school’s football tournaments. After her father’s unexpected death, Paris and her siblings were sent to their grandparents.

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Facts Behind Paris Jackson net worth


As Paris Jackson is the daughter of Michael Jackson, the poular pop singer who died in 2009, she has inherited her father’s wealth.

Michael had left $500 million as net worth before his death. As he had three children, including Paris, his total worth includes music royalties, real estate, and other assets, which are divided between Michael Jackson’s three children.

Her inherited assets are estimated to have a total worth of around $80 million. This wealth is the primary source of Paris’s net worth.


Paris first appeared on television with her father in her childhood. She made her first television cast in a musical drama TV series named “Star” in 2017. Paris played the role of Rachel Wallace for four episodes.

Later, she got a chance to be cast in a very famous television series, “American Horror Stories” in 2021. This series went viral worldwide. Paris appeared in three episodes of this series. Recently, she appeared in “Swarm,” a comedy, horror, and thriller television series.

Besides those casting, Paris has also appeared in many television specials, award functions, talk shows, reality shows, and podcasts, such as “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “2017 MTV Video Music Awards,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” and many others. Paris got paid a lot of money for her every appearance on those TV programs. Thus, it increases her net worth widely.


Besides television, Paris has also acted in several films. Her first film debut was in “Gringo (2018).” Paris played a supporting role in that film. This film was viral at that time. It earned a total of $11 million at the box office. Paris had an incredible performance in her first film. She became recognized by many directors. This made a path for her to gain a starring role in films.

Paris Jackson Net Worth

As a result, Paris got her starring role in her next film, “The Space Between (2021).” This film became very popular in theaters as well as on online streaming platforms. Thus, Paris got her fame in films. With this fame, she again got a starring role in “Habit” in the same year. Undoubtedly, she got a high payment for every film she acted in.


Paris was first involved with music in 2019 when she guest appeared in a drama film’s title song, “Running For So Long (House A Home),” with Parker Ainsworth, Butch Walker, and Jessie Payo 2019. She again made a guest appearance in “Low Key in Love” with The Struts.

Later, Paris released her first studio album, “Wilted,” in 2020. This album is still selling on the internet. This album became very popular and successful. With this success, she again released two studio albums. Those are “The Soundflowers” and “The Lost Ep.” Besides albums, Paris also released a bunch of singles, such as “Lighthouse (2022),” “Just You (2022),” and “Bandaid (2023).” She generates a vast profit from her studio albums and singles. This earning increased her net worth massively.

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Music Videos

Paris also appeared in many music videos. Her first music video was released in 2016, titled “She’s Tight.” This song ranked at the 65 position on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Later, Paris appeared in many music videos from different famous artists. Her most popular music videos were “I Dare You,” “Rescue Me,” “Let Down,” and “Lighthouse.” Paris got paid for her every appearance in music videos. This earning also has a significant impact on her net worth.


As Paris Jackson’s fame rose widely, she got many contracts from big brands to make promotions for them. She signed some contracts and promoted many giant brands, such as “Bulgari,” “Calvin Klein,” and so on.  She got high payments for promoting those brands.


Paris Jackson won two awards and got nominations four times. Her winning awards are as follows.

  • Daily Front Row: Emerging Talent Award in 2017.
  • Top Indie Film Awards: Best Music in 2021.

Personal Life

Paris Jackson had been a drug addict at age 15. She had attempted suicide several times. In March 2019, she again attempted suicide by cutting her wrists. After this, she was sent to a psychiatrist. And later, she overcame this mental issue.


How much money did Paris Jackson inherit?

Paris Jackson inherited $80 million from her father.

How is Paris Jackson so rich?

Paris Jackson is rich because of his inherited assets and several successful career attempts.

What is the current net worth of Paris Jackson?

Paris Jackson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $100 million.

Who inherited Michael Jackson’s money?

Michel Jackson donated 60% of his assets, and the remaining 40% was split among his three sons.

Final Thoughts

Paris Jackson net worth indicates her multi-talented skills. Besides inherited wealth, her sound determination and willingness led her to success in the entertainment industry. With this success, she managed to build that massive financial state.