When to visit the Gynecologist Doctor?

The female reproductive system is highly complex and this is the place where the baby is given birth to. Unfortunately, women are prone to suffering from different types of ailments and this particular region should be taken extreme care at all times. The doctors who treat women’s reproductive system related issues are termed to be Gynecologists. They provide treatment to women of all ages, right from early adulthood to that of old age. The top 10 gynecologists in India can be expected to perform various types of procedures, offer preventive medicine, plan the necessary treatment courses, diagnose conditions or maladies that the woman is suffering from. As the woman turns 18 years of age or sexually active, then it is essential on her part to visit the gynecologist to ensure that everything is safe and sound with her reproductive system. 

Some tips to schedule the right time to visit the qualified and experienced gynecologist

  • Empty bladder: Doctors recommend their patients to have a manual examination performed when they have an empty bladder as it offers accurate results to help diagnose the issue if any. 
  • Mid-menstrual cycle: The right time to visit the professionals in the woman’s monthly cycle is during the middle part. This effectively means, it should be two weeks approximately before or the same time period after having a menstrual cycle. Few women do experience irregular monthly menstrual cycles. Consulting the doctor will help them to know the right time to make the visit for further examination. They probably are offered some flexibility with scheduling appointments. 
  • Not having any recent sexual intercourse: Lab results may be disturbed due to sexual intercourse that was had recently as it will show up in the results. There is a need to avoid sexual activities at least 24 hours prior to meeting the specialist. 
  • No douching: Patients are advised to avoid doing vaginal douching at least a day before having the evaluation. Anyway, douching is considered to be a questionable practice. The body has been designed to cleanse naturally all by itself. This delicate balance, however, may be upset if man-made products are used. The physician can provide a proper opinion on this subject. 
  • Bleeding after intercourse: In case, bleeding is noticed in the patient’s vaginal area after having sexual intercourse, then this particular issue should be informed without fail to the healthcare practitioner. It might be signs of anything serious that has affected or going to occur and needs to be avoided. 
  • Unusual pain: In case, usual pain is experienced by the woman in her internal reproductive system or the genital region, then she needs to consult the physician immediately. Pain can be extreme and can be a red flag situation, something that should not be ignored at any point in time. 
  • Mid-cycle spotting: It is quite normal for women to develop spots that generally occurs by using birth control pills during the initial months of usage. In case, there are experienced frequent spotting, then the MD is to be informed about it immediately and find out the issue. 
  • Missed periods: Some women are noticed to miss out on their monthly menstrual periods, which generally take place if she has become pregnant. Menstruation cessation tends to occur due to pregnancy,  Menopause, stress, and due to other causes. 
  • Pregnancy: In case the woman gets pregnant, then she definitely will have to visit the OBGYN and not any GYN. Here, OB means obstetrician, a doctor who attends to pregnancy cases. There will be necessary monthly and periodical exams, proper exercises, maternity vitamins, ultrasound tests, etc. This is essential to support both the unborn baby and the pregnant mother and ensure that they are in good health. 
  • Unprotected sexual activities with a random partner: Women indulging in sexual activities with different partners will require to undergo different types of tests to find out if she has contracted STDs or not. Accidents may happen and hence, it becomes essential to ensure that the health issue or the ailment contracted does not flare up into some deadly and life-taking. 
  • Annual exams: In order to be in good health, the woman has to undergo regular exams comprising of pelvic, breast and pap tests. 
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The famous gynecologist in India will ensure that female patient are provided with proper and timely treatment.