Best Bikes For Mountains & Rocky Terrain

Bikes For Mountains

No one can deny the utility of bikes for mountains , especially after the Covid-19 epidemic. For preserving social distancing norms and safely navigating your way through dense traffic jams, there is nothing like a bike. But a bike can do more than deliver you from point A to point B. If you are young, filled with zest for life, there is nothing like a bike for mountains ride up in the mountains to drive away the blues.

Top five bikes for mountains you can look at to fulfil your love for adventure are:

  1. Royal Enfield Himalayan: A bikes for mountains that is customised for difficult terrain. Royal Field Himalayan has an energetic 411 cc air-cooled engine. It has a peak torque of 42 Nm at 4000-4500 rpm. Apart from its high speed ability, most safety features are also built in which ensure a hair raising yet  secure ride.
  2. V-Storm 650 XT: With a 645 engine that can turn out 70 bhp at 8800 rpm and a six speed gearbox, it can help you navigate difficult terrains smoothly.  It also has an in-built charging socket which makes it a green bike. The bike belongs to the higher end as far as pricing is concerned. 
  3. Hero X-Pulse 200: This bike has an all-digital cluster with bluetooth connectivity, USB charging and turn by turn navigation. It has a 199.6 cc engine with a five speed gearbox. Its efficient shock absorbing mechanisms facilitate a long, smooth ride especially in difficult terrain.
  4. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally: A powerful bike, It epitomises a true adventure bike. Powered by 888 cc, liquid-cooled engine, it can reach a maximum power of 93.9 bhp power. It commands a hefty ticket price of Rs. 15,00,000. 
  5. Honda Africa Twin: It has a 1082.96 cc liquid engine which can help you realise all your dreams to scaling high peaks and having a true adventure. It also hosts numerous safety features which guarantee your safety while enjoying high adventure. 
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Modes of repayment: You can pay off your bike loan through online payments or by dropping off a cheque. 

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Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator: A two-wheeler loan EMI Calculator is a calculator where you can conveniently calculate the EMI instalment payable by you after you input the loan principal, interest rate and loan tenure. 

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