Can Dogs Have Pomegranate

In terms of iron deficiency or maintaining a well-balanced diet, we often include pomegranate in our meals. Thanks to its ample amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties. If you care for your canine friend, you must have thought, Can dogs have pomegranate?

Well, dogs can have pomegranate without seeds and skin, i.e., the pomegranate extract. Also, its quantity should be less, as all dogs can’t tolerate plant-based foods.

If your dog does not have any allergies or can cope with this fruit, you are good to offer it to him. Just be certain of the amount and proper way of feeding.

Can Dogs Have Pomegranate?

Dogs can have pomegranates without seeds or skin. In short, dogs can have the juicy extract of pomegranate. Pomegranate skin has a chemical compound called cyanide. This can be toxic for dogs. Besides, pomegranate seeds can cause choking hazards. That’s why most vets don’t recommend feeding pomegranate to dogs.

If your dog ever feels tempted to eat pomegranate, you can simply feed him a small amount of pomegranate juice extract. Hopefully, this won’t lead to any side effects.

How Much Pomegranate Can Dogs Have?

We humans usually have one pomegranate at a time. Unfortunately, your dog can’t have such a large amount of this fruit. If you want to serve him pomegranate, make sure it does not have seeds or skin.

Can Dogs Have Pomegranate

For instance, you made a pomegranate juice extract for your canine friend. That juice should not be more than one teaspoon for small dogs and one tablespoon for large dogs.

How To Give Pomegranate To Dogs?

Eating one pomegranate seed may not have any harmful effects on our canine friend. But eating in moderation or more can be life-threatening. So you must make some juice extract from pomegranate to feed your dog.

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You can use a lemon squeeze to squeeze out the liquid from the pomegranate. Or you can simply blend the pomegranate and strain the liquid from it. This would be the safest way to offer pomegranate to dogs.

Benefits Of Having Pomegranate For Dogs

Your dog can get several health benefits from having pomegranate if taken in the proper quantity. Again, if your dog is not allergic to plant-based foods, only then can he have the pomegranate extract.

Anyway, pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, fibre, and zinc. Vitamin C can help your dog with skin issues, and the minerals will improve his immune system. Since it has a good amount of fibre, it can treat your dog’s constipation too.

Pomegranate is low in calories, so it can help with your dog’s weight management. Feeding a small amount of pomegranate extract to an obese dog may encourage him to lose weight.

Risks Of Having Pomegranate For Dogs

Pomegranate can be risky for dogs when they ingest it along with seeds, skin, or a high amount of it. Eating the pomegranate seed can cause choking hazards for our canine friends. They may get an intestinal blockage and have digestive issues. Besides, the cyanide found in pomegranate skin can be toxic for dogs. They may vomit and become sick after eating their skin.

Pomegranate contains tannins, which are inevitable in its juice extract too. Tannins are also a reason for dogs to have an upset stomach and vomiting. The high fibre content of pomegranate can have the same side effects. Also, we know taking too much fibre can cause diarrhoea in dogs.

Some dogs are even allergic to fruits and vegetables. In that case, they can have itchiness and rashes from a small amount of pomegranate extract.

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When Can Dogs Have Pomegranate?

Although pomegranate is safe for non-allergic dogs, that doesn’t mean you can avoid the safety concerns. First, you have to offer the slightest amount of pomegranate extract to your dog, i.e., ⅛ teaspoon. If he feels fine after having it, you may offer him ⅙ teaspoon of pomegranate extract. If he doesn’t react yet, it means the pomegranate juice is safe for him.

Can Dogs Have Pomegranate

Your dog can also have a spoonful of pomegranate when he is suffering from constipation or skin issues. But if your dog has other serious health issues, like diabetes, seizures, tremors, etc., avoid feeding him pomegranate at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Pomegranate?

What does a pomegranate do for dogs?

Pomegranate contains a fine amount of vitamins and minerals that can support a dog’s bone health, joint health, muscle health, and immune system. Just make sure you feed this fruit without the seed and skin.

Can dogs drink pomegranate juice?

You may feed pomegranate juice to your dog, but it should not have any artificial sweetener or sugar. Pomegranate extract or its juice mixed with water can be safe for dogs.

Can dogs eat cooked pomegranate?

Cooked pomegranate is not as harmful as raw pomegranate. In fact, cooked pomegranate takes on a tender form that makes it easy for cats to chew and digest.

Can dogs have pomegranate yoghurt?

Yoghurt with pomegranate extract can be a good treat for dogs, but only in small amounts. Dogs, like many other mammals, are lactose-intolerant. Hence, yoghurt should be very low for them. Also, the pomegranate extract shall not be more than one teaspoon.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above abstract could convince you how beneficial pomegranates can be for dogs. All you need to do is follow the right procedure for feeding it in the right quantity. Since it poses some health risks too, you might still think, Can dogs have pomegranate? Well, yes, if it is the extract only.

Let’s say your dog had the pomegranate extract more than required. In that case, don’t be surprised if he vomits and poops constantly. Just watch his symptoms and let him rest. Call your vet if he gets sick or if the condition gets worse.