Team Leasing and other services of this type: worth it!

Team Leasing

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What is team leasing, and how can it help your company? What is better: team leasing or recruitment of professionals?

Team Leasing and other options to get professional help

IT departments are becoming more and more important in almost every modern company. The need to maintain computer systems already applies to companies operating in most industries, and caring for the perfect implementation of related processes is extremely important. Recruitment of IT staff overwhelms you? Or maybe you are interested in Team Leasing for solving specific tasks? Let’s figure out what is better for you.

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What is team leasing?

Are you looking for IT specialists for your team? Hiring the right people is very important. However, recruiting programmers can be very difficult, especially since many employers do not know how to verify knowledge and competence in the field of IT. That is why it is often worth using external help. Team Leasing is one of the most effective strategies that can bring you excellent results. It means finding an entire professional team to solve specific tasks (developing an app, designing a site, etc.). The team is responsible for the entire procedure and guarantees a good result. The process of finding a team usually looks like this:

  • Defining the needs.
  • Active search for candidates.
  • Selection of several teams.
  • Taking a look at portfolios (interviews may also occur at this stage).
  • Making a contact and signing a contract.
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Outsourcing of IT staff

Recruitment of programmers or other employees of the IT department makes sense when supplementing a permanent team. However, you don’t always need permanent employees. Then outsourcing staff will be a much better idea. It consists in transferring part or all of the work to external specialists, most often employed by an employment agency. This solution brings a lot of benefits! First of all, by using outsourcing, you do not have to conduct IT recruitment – the agency selects the right specialists. This saves time and resources. You also do not incur employment costs because, in this case, you are the customer using the services of an external entity. By cooperating with a trusted intermediary, such as SECL Group, you can be sure of the high quality of the tasks performed, full reliability, and timeliness of the work performed. It is possible to outsource both individual specialists and entire IT teams (outsourcing teams is actually team leasing we have already described). This cooperation can take place in accordance with the needs of the client – both short-term and long-term.

Outsourcing and recruitment – when is it worth it?

Outsourcing and recruitment of IT professionals are two services designed to achieve slightly different goals. It is, above all, the possibility of perfectly matching the competencies of the staff to the needs related to the currently performed tasks. Entrusting the recruitment process to an external specialist also saves time and money. Both outsourcing and professional recruitment of IT staff allow the company to focus on its most important current tasks and development.

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Outsourcing or recruitment of IT staff – what to choose?

What will be best for your company? Recruitment of programmers or other employees of the IT department is an ideal option for companies looking for permanent professionals who will work in the team. This solution is especially recommended for employers looking for personnel with specific skills or qualifications. Using professional help definitely increases the chances of finding the perfect candidate.

Outsourcing of IT staff is a solution for those employers who do not want to take over the duties related to employment or who are looking for employees to carry out a specific project for a specific period. It can also be beneficial when:

  • The current employees’ competencies are insufficient to solve specific IT issues.
  • There is a need to reduce employment costs.
  • There is a need for quick and accurate IT recruitment.

SECL Group can help you in any of these cases! SECL professionals will make sure that team leasing or body leasing is successful and profitable for you.

Team and body leasing from SECL

Bet on experience, reliability, and comprehensive service. Specialists from SECL Group can make you forget about long-term, costly, and often fruitless IT recruitment. Guys will help you accurately define your needs and take care of the entire process. Thanks to a wide network of contacts, they have access to many IT specialists with various specializations. This is why their services are so effective. Elaborated methods of conduct and flexibility in the approach to each client ensure excellent results. If you are still not sure, take a look at the portfolio of these guys: you will definitely be impressed.