Heather Rae Young Age, Bio, Net Worth & Much More!

Heather Rae Young Age

The world has seen many actors become successful personalities. But it has seen very few people be great at acting along with something else. Besides, there are mixed feelings about an actor changing professions and being great at something else. You may know Heather Rae Young for her roles in movies, but she’s also a real estate agent. And she’s a great one at that. Most people don’t know enough about this beautiful and successful woman. If you are interested to know Heather Rae Young Age, Heather Rae Young Career, Heather Rae Young Net Worth, and much more, read the following article.

Heather Rae Young Age

Heather Rae Young Age

As we are talking about Heather, let’s begin by stating when she was born and her age. Heather was born on 16th September 1987 in Anaheim, California. Thus, Heather Rae Young Age is thirty-five as of 2022.

Heather Rae Young Physical Appearance

Heather is a beautiful woman whose height is 5’7″. She weighs approximately 102 lbs. Heather had stunning blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Heather Rae Young Education and Career

Most of the time, information about famous personalities is easily available. Being in the limelight comes with issues like having your personal information exposed. However, information about Heather’s education isn’t available. And neither is information about her parents or possible siblings. The former actor and model have managed to keep a lot private. All we can say is that she is a high school graduate. But if she went to college or not is unknown.

Heather might or might not have continued her education after school, but she has tried multiple professions. While people do just one thing their whole lives, Heather wanted to explore different options. And that has worked out in her favor.

Heather Rae Young started her career as a model and got her big break as Playboy’s Playmate of the month in February 2010. After that, the model decided to pursue acting. The films she has worked in are The Internship, Love in the Time of Monsters, Chillerama, Christmas in Compton, Mafia, and Malibu Horror Story. Besides movies, she has also played herself in the Netflix Season, Selling Sunsets for five seasons.

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While she was still known as an actor and model, Heather decided to pursue real estate. She got her certificate in 2024 and has been working as a real estate agent. Her experience in both acting and real estate is what got her a role in Netflix’s Selling Sunset. The show focuses on the agents of The Oppenheim Group fighting over selling houses to the rich and famous. It is a reality television show that has a lot of drama and showcases great properties. You can stream it on Netflix if you wish to see Heather in her true element.

Heather Rae Young Age

Heather Rae Young Relationships, Husband and Children

Heather found love in a different country when she was filming season 1 of Selling Sunset. At that point, Heather was dating Nick, a Swedish hockey player. The pair had a long-distance relationship. For reasons unknown to the public, Heather and her then-partner, Nick, broke up.

In between the first and second seasons of Selling Sunset, Rae started dating Tarek El Moussa. He is a real estate reality star. Tarek is a forty-one-year-old man who used to sell real estate. But after 2008, along with ex-wife Christina Hall, she started a business of flipping houses. This, however, became s very successful venture, and they even co-hosted their real estate show, Flip or Flop. He has two children with, Christina, Taylor, and Brayden, who share their father’s last name.

When exactly Tarek and Heather started dating is unknown, but they fit engaged in July 2020. Fans were delighted to hear of the engagement and were even more ecstatic to see the couple tie the knot in November 2021. The couple does not have children together yet, but Heather is pregnant with her first child and Tarek’s third. They are expecting to meet their baby in 2023.

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Tarek does have two children from his previous marriage, but Heather has a great relationship with them. They are often seen hanging out as a family. On Taylor’s (Tarek’s oldest child) twelfth birthday, Heather posted a slideshow of their pictures together to wish her. That showed how close they are to each other. And Heather recently posted about how much Taylor and her love each other. Taylor was the first person to know about her pregnancy after Tarek. The sweet twelve-year-old girl was over the moon, and Heather couldn’t wait to see him as she was a big sister to another younger brother.

Heather Rae Young Net Worth

Heather has worked almost all her life. She started modeling at a young age, acted in several projects, and is now a real estate agent. It was a surprise when she went from being an actress to pursuing real estate.

She didn’t come from a family with sources or anything of that kind and so it was hard for her to make it. But she finally has become a successful person who earns quite well for herself. According to sources, Heather has a net worth of about 3 million dollars.

Heather Rae Young Age

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t know much about Heather Rae Young, you do now. Heather is a great person who has worked hard for all these years. She did great when it came to exploring career choices. Besides that, she has found herself in a loving family. We hope to have given you accurate information about Heather Rae Young Age, Heather Rae Young Career, and Heather Rae Young Net Worth.

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