How Old Is Caroline Stanbury: All Real Info About Her Revealed!

How Old Is Caroline Stanbury

When it comes time for reality television stars, people often don’t see them in a positive light. This is mainly because viewers don’t believe it’s reality television as it looks scripted. Whether that’s the truth or not is not for us to decide.

But few reality television stars have succeeded in becoming fan favorites. If you follow British television series, you’ll know about such a personality, Caroline Stanbury. She is known for her appearances on reality television shows and former other projects.

Recently, Caroline’s new show has been a hot topic of discussion. And thus, questions like How Old Is Caroline Stanbury? What she does for a living and who’s her husband is very common right now. If this lady has intrigued your curiosity and you wish to know more about her, we recommend you read this article.

How Old Is Caroline Stanbury

Who is Caroline Stanbury?

If you have merely heard her name online and don’t know much about her, let us introduce you to her. Caroline Stanbury is a businesswoman and reality television personality from Britain. She came into the limelight when she appeared as a cast member of Ladies of London.

How Old Is Caroline Stanbury?

Caroline Stanbury was born to her parents, Anthony Stanbury and Elizabeth Stanbury, on 28th April 1976. She was born in London, United Kingdom. To answer, How Old Is Caroline Stanbury? She is forty-six years of age as of 2022.

What was Caroline’s early life like?

In case you didn’t know, Caroline grew up in a very comfortable environment. On the one hand, her father was a venture capitalist and the previous managing director of Jaeger. If you didn’t know, Jaeger is a luxury British fashion brand. On the other hand, Caroline’s mother came from a very wealthy and reputed family in England. Thus, she grew up in luxury.

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Stanbury has said herself that she attended a debutant school and grew up in a house that was pretty much a mansion. Besides that, she had everything she ever needed.


Where did Caroline Stanbury go to school and college?

When it comes to reality television stars, very less is known about their personal lives. But luckily, we have proper information about Caroline. She attended Westonbirt School and then attended King’s College London.

How Old Is Caroline Stanbury

What does Caroline do for a living?

If we think about it, technically, she doesn’t need to work for a living. Caroline belongs to a very wealthy family. The fact that she works is more of choice than a necessity. Despite that, she has tried doing various things in life. Before starting her business and working on television, Caroline started as a personal stylist. And she’s good at it.

Caroline started her own business, Gift Library. It was a website that curated luxury gifts for people. Unfortunately, the business was shut down.

Her next venture was a shoe line. It is no secret that she always was to do something in fashion. Thus, she started, Black Suede Studio x Caroline Stanbury. This business, like the previous one, sells expensive products. It is safe to say she’s making a good amount of money.

After her business ventures, she decided to appear on a television reality show. In 2014, she made her reality television debut by appearing as a main cast member of Ladies of London. Caroline appeared in the three seasons of the show until it got canceled in 2017.

In 2014, she also had a guest appearance on This Morning. And during 2025-2022, she appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live for four episodes. Moreover, she appeared as a guest on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in 2019. All these projects are reality shows and thus, she has only played herself in these shows, not any characters.

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Caroline moved to Dubai in 2016 due to her husband’s work. And In 2022, she appeared on the first season of The Real Housewives of Dubai.

In between these two shows, she started her podcast, “Divorced not Dead,” in 2020. This was after her divorce from her first husband. On the podcast, she talks about her relationships and her life.

Who is Caroline Stanbury’s Husband?

Caroline Stanbury got married to Cem Habib in 2004. The couple had a happy marriage till 2019. In these fifteen years of married life, they had three children together, Yasmine, Zac, and Aaron. Due to personal reasons, Caroline and Cem got divorced in 2019. This was after their move to Dubai, but despite the divorce, she chose to live in Dubai.

In 2021, she found love again. Caroline got married to Sergio Carrallo who is a former Spanish footballer. The couple doesn’t have any children together as of 2022. But they have expressed their wishes to have a child together soon.

How Old Is Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury’s social media

Caroline is active on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow her @C_Stanbury on Twitter and @caeolinestanbury on Instagram, where she has over six hundred thousand followers.

What is Caroline Stanbury’s Net Worth?

The fact that Caroline has a high net worth is no secret. The reality television star was born into wealth and even went on to create a lot of her own. She has worked as a stylist, started and ran businesses, and starred on reality television. There is no doubt that all these projects have made her financially successful. According to sources, Caroline Stanbury has a net worth of $30 million.

Final Thoughts

If you wanted to know How Old Is Caroline Stanbury, what she does for a living, and what’s her net worth, we hope to have given you the right information. Check out her shows and social media accounts to know more about this successful woman. What did you think of this article? Tell us in the comments below.