Jeff Lewis Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Jeff Lewis Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Jeff Lewis has built an estimated net worth of around $16 million as of 2023.

Jeff Lewis is an American interior designer, house flipper, and television personality. He is best known for his Bravo reality show ‘Flipping Out’ from 2007 to 2018. However, Lewis has built a successful career in home design and renovation over the past few decades.

Jeff Lewis Net Worth

Jeff Lewis has accumulated significant wealth through his Interior design business, house-flipping projects, and TV career. He built his net worth from scratch, starting in the late 1990s.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeff Lewis has an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2023. After taxes and expenses, he likely earns around $2-3 million per year from his various income sources.

Jeff Lewis Net Worth

The primary source of Jeff Lewis’s wealth comes from his interior design firm called Jeff Lewis Design, which has handled flips and renovations on luxury homes worth tens of millions. Lewis earns big commissions and fees from these high-end real estate design projects.

He also makes regular profits from buying, renovating, and selling expensive homes himself in affluent areas like Los Angeles, New York, and Canada. The home flips generate significant returns for Lewis and contribute to his rising net worth.

Additionally, Jeff Lewis earned around $500k per season from Bravo during his 11 seasons starring in Flipping Out. The show’s popularity also increased business and earning potential for the designer.

Early Life and Education

Jeff Lewis was born on March 24, 1970, in Orange County, California. His father was a trial lawyer, while his mother worked as an accountant. From an early age, Lewis was interested in architecture and design. He spent time drawing house plans as a child.

After high school, Lewis attended Chapman University in Orange, California, where he majored in Communications. He initially took pre-law classes with plans to become a lawyer like his father. However, he soon realized there was a better path for him. Lewis eventually found his calling in interior design and home renovations.

Career Beginnings

After graduating from college in 1993, Jeff Lewis began working for a high-end design firm called Marmol Radziner. He spent four years there learning about architecture, construction, and design. This experience gave him the skills and knowledge to branch out independently.

In 1997, Lewis founded his design firm called Jeff Lewis Design. He started small, taking on some kitchen and bathroom renovation projects in Los Angeles. As his reputation grew, Lewis began getting contracts for larger custom homes and celebrity clientele.

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Rise to Fame on Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis’s big break came in 2007 when he was approached by Authentic Entertainment to star in a new Bravo reality show. The show, ‘Flipping Out’, focused on Lewis, his design business, and his staff. It provided a behind-the-scenes look at high-end home renovations in Los Angeles.

Flipping Out was a hit and ran for 11 seasons until 2018. The show made Jeff Lewis a household name and cemented his celebrity status as an interior designer. He became known for his quirky design style and outspoken personality on the show. Flipping Out earned Lewis several award nominations and significantly expanded his business.

Television Career And Notable Projects

Jeff Lewis broke out into the mainstream with his Bravo reality show ‘Flipping Out’ which premiered in 2007. The presentation focused on Jeff, his interior design business, and his staff as they took on high-end renovations and flips.

Flipping Out ended up running for 11 seasons over a decade until 2018. It gained a loyal following and turned Jeff Lewis into a significant reality TV personality. He became known for his quirky design aesthetic and outspoken nature on the show.

Jeff Lewis Net Worth

Some of Jeff’s most notable flipping projects featured on the series included a $6 million Spanish-style estate in Hollywood and a $3.5 million Craftsman home in the Hollywood Hills. Viewers loved watching the transformations from start to finish.

In its first season, Flipping Out averaged around 1 million total viewers per episode. By the 11th and final season, it was still drawing in 500,000+ viewers per episode, demonstrating its lasting popularity.

Entrepreneurship And Business Endeavors

Aside from his television fame, Jeff Lewis is a successful entrepreneur and businessman in home design and real estate.

In 1997, Lewis founded his interior design company, Jeff Lewis Design, based in Los Angeles. Through this firm, Jeff has designed and renovated homes, kitchens, bathrooms and more for celebrity clients and luxury residences in California.

Some of Jeff Lewis Design’s high-profile projects have included remodels for actress Dakota Johnson and singer Adam Levine. The company has a distinctive modern but eclectic aesthetic seen in Flipping Out.

Jeff Lewis also co-founded a home goods store called Lifestyle in 1999, which remained in business until 2003. In 2020, Lewis launched his e-commerce business, Jeff Lewis Collection, which sells curated furniture, art, lighting and home decor.

Personal Life And Relationships

Jeff Lewis has experienced ups and downs in his personal life over the past several years.

From 2008 to 2019, Jeff was in a long-term relationship with his business partner, Gage Edward. The two started dating in 2008 and were together for over a decade.

In 2016, Jeff and Gage welcomed a daughter named Monroe Christine via surrogate. They raised her together, and Gage was regularly featured on Flipping Out as Monroe grew up.

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However, in January 2019, Jeff and Gage announced their split after growing apart after many years together. Custody of their daughter Monroe became their primary focus during a difficult breakup.

By 2021, Jeff and Gage had established joint custody of Monroe and worked to co-parent her amicably. Jeff eventually moved into a new home once owned by actress Katey Sagal.

Salary And Earnings

As a successful interior designer, house flipper, and reality TV personality, Jeff Lewis has amassed an impressive net worth through various earnings and income sources.

Reports indicate that at the peak of Flipping Out’s popularity, Jeff Lewis earned around $500,000 per season on the show. Given the show’s 11-season run, Jeff likely made several million dollars from the series.

In addition to his Bravo TV salary, Jeff generates income from his interior design firm, Jeff Lewis Design. His company takes on luxury home renovation projects worth millions, allowing Jeff to collect hefty design fees and commissions.

Jeff also personally flips and sells high-end real estate in affluent markets. In 2021, he purchased a home for $2.1 million, renovated it, and sold it for $3.2 million – earning himself a $1.1 million profit.

Other income streams include Jeff’s home goods business, Jeff Lewis Collection, and any sponsorship or endorsement deals leveraging his celebrity status and extensive social media following.

FAQs on Jeff Lewis Net Worth

What does Jeff Lewis do for a living?

Jeff Lewis is an interior designer, house flipper, and reality TV personality. He owns a Los Angeles-based design firm, Jeff Lewis Design, and flips luxury properties for profit. Lewis also starred in the hit Bravo show Flipping Out from 2007-2018, which helped build his celebrity status.

How did Jeff Lewis make his money?

Jeff Lewis earned much of his $16 million net worth from his work in interior design and real estate investment. He makes money flipping luxury homes from his design firm’s projects, TV career, and home goods product line. Flipping Out also boosted his income and business substantially during its 11-season run.

Is Jeff Lewis still flipping houses?

Yes, Jeff Lewis continues to flip houses today, just not on TV anymore. He purchases high-end homes in affluent areas, renovates them with his signature style, and sells them for big profits. Some of his recent flips have been in L.A., New York, and Canada. Flipping remains a core part of Lewis’ business.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Lewis has carved out an enormously successful career in interior design, home renovation, and reality television. His hit show Flipping Out launched Lewis into the limelight, allowing him to grow his personal brand and design business.

Even after the show ended, Lewis continued finding new projects, flipping luxury homes, taking on celebrity client renovations, and selling curated home furnishings.