Modern single floor house design and its types

modern single floor house design

The modern single floor house design has become an ageless appeal and has become perfect for everyone regardless of ability or age. This concept is becoming more popular among the rest house plan collections. However, some people do not want to include stairs in their modern single floor house designs. They like everything from the bedroom to dining hall and hall the living space to be at ground level.

If you are one of those and want things to remain comfortable and accessible, read on!
The appeal extends far beyond convenience. The modern single floor house design must be open with fluid floor planning and must use the square footage accordingly.

Today, most people are looking for unique designs, and people tend to get different house models and select the best one that suits them.

modern single floor house designs

Here in this guide, we’ll discuss the different types of modern single floor house designs.

Type 1- Modern single floor house design

If you are looking for a perfect home design to match your style and amp up your personality, this design could be for you. You will fall in love with this beautiful design which goes perfectly with the quality and style. Additionally, it makes the design perfect and easier to start your journey towards homeownership.

Type 1 - modern single floor house designs

The design is simple yet practical and gives you plenty of space to create a home that thrills you each time you walk through the door. The design also includes the master suite with a walk-in robe, linen, pantry, and outdoor living, giving you everything you’ll need without breaking the budget.

• Type 2

The single-story home is designed for smaller blocks, perfect for the buyers who want to downsize without sacrificing their lifestyle and quality. It is one of the versions which are smaller yet spacious and practical. The home is a perfect solution to live comfortably.

modern single floor house design

The design of this modern single floor home has a walk-in robe, master suite. It also has an ensuite followed by bedrooms and an open plan for kitchen/living/dining, which makes it look better. The home has a flexible design, and you can make happy memories in it.

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• Type 3

The home is one story full of brightness, and it is breezy. It is one of the perfect family homes with everything you need to live easily. Your family can easily come together at once. The kitchen is at the heart of the home where you can also find the beautiful living and dining area that opens to the large outdoor living.

modern single floor house designs

You can also get four spacious bedrooms that include a Master suite, and it gives each family member their own private space for retreat.

• Type 4

It is a choice for investors and buyers, and the layout can make you feel captivated by the clever layout. The layout offers creative floor planning, easy living, and modern conveniences in a compact design without sacrificing the space. If you are ready to flair your personality, then this is one of the perfect choices for the people who want flexible bedroom homes on a smaller footprint.

modern single floor house designs

It comes with built-in robes in the four bedrooms, with separate laundry, an airy open plan, and a large double garage with dining/kitchen/living open to a wide outdoor living space.

• Type 5

If you want to live passionately, you’ll enjoy doing this type of house design. The place is packed into a single story. The spacious yet simple house is easy and perfect to enjoy. The large dining/kitchen/living space flows seamlessly onto the outdoor living, creating the ideal space to dine and wine.

modern single floor house designs

If you want more, you can also get a study, home theatre, and four bedrooms. Here you can place the accommodation zone for relaxation, retreat thoughtfully, and privacy sectioned off from the lively family living area.

• Type 6

For passionate living, the simple layout includes 4 spacious bedrooms that can quickly provide an accommodation area. The layout also gives you a separate Home Theatre for teenage retreats, cozy movie nights, and even a quiet getaway for parents to have fun.

modern single floor house designs

You’ll also love the sun-filled and open-plan living space at the rear. The place is a beautiful home with proper Dining/Kitchen/Living, which forms the heart of this place. You can also look out for the inviting outdoor living area, which is perfect for year-round entertainment.

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• Type 7

The modern single-floor house design has oozing flexibility, style, and comfort, so you can get a special touch to complete the home. The layout has 4 bedrooms, airy and large open plan for Dining/Kitchen/Living space with outdoor living and separates home theatre.

modern single floor house designs

You can also find home theatre is cleverly located at the front of the home, which is a real bonus. It makes the second living space quite great and a fabulous option for a guest bedroom and home office.

• Type 8- Modern single floor house design

The design is a perfect thing for First Home Buyer, Investor, or somebody who looks to build thoughtful looking designed homes. The layout is designed thoughtfully with stylish buildings without costly price tags. It is a three-bedroom home that is lower in value and offers multiple living spaces.

modern single floor house designs

Additionally, the layout also offers an open plan for Living/Dining/Kitchen. It comes with an added Home Theatre and Study at the front of the home. With endless options, the master suite offers privacy and a generous walk-in robe and ensuite.

The design suits the most standard lot widths, and you’ll enjoy a fun time with your friends and family.

• Type 9

The layout is a perfect example of good things that comes in small packages. The home offers unexpected features for affordable yet compact three bedrooms designs without having to compromise on space.
The place is located at the front of the home.

modern single floor house designs

Master Suite offers convenience and privacy, while the open plan Living/Dining/Kitchen extends to the outdoor living area.

The span of the entire living area has the width of the rear of the home. The design is suited perfectly for the families big on values, empty nesters, and even first-time home buyers.

These 9 designs will give you a comprehensive idea of how you can get the best modern single floor house design. Here we go with these beautiful types of single-floor designs however that are fully equipped to transform your small studio apartment or efficiency apartments for rent in Everett.