Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

Decorating the hallway or entrance area of an apartment with a beautiful hallway runner or rug is also known as pretty accessory for most people. These lovely hallway rugs charm the guests with a warm welcome. Generally, hallways are small and relatively narrow, which further limits the creative design of this area. In addition, the choice of colours, size, shape, and materials are pivotal to this process.

But some hallway runners like Scandinavian rugs are skilfully laid and use the storage space optimally. Light tones like pastel colours or white are great for making tight spaces look bigger. Therefore, while choosing a rug, make sure the material should be easy to clean and the furniture is correctly positioned. The carpet should reflect the style of your home so that guests can immerse themselves in its atmosphere. This write-up will explain the hallway decorating ideas in detail:

  • Add Mirror in Hallway

Mirrors have the ability to increase space. Therefore, it is necessary to add a mirror in the hallway. This will not only evaluate the appearance of any person but also increase the space and attract money to home. Generally, mirrors brighten by reflecting the light from amazing lighting fixtures or nearby windows. Adding a mirror at the end of your hallway will make it a runway experience for everyone who walks the halls of your home.

Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

Make sure the mirror in the hallway should be located on the side of the entrance door. Moreover, the mirror should be framed to hide sharp corners and should not hang opposite. The framing of a mirror should not contain extraneous symbols, hieroglyphs and other things. To make a hallway more spacious, add items like vases, paintings, fountains or an aquarium, statues, and even banknotes.

  • Rugs & Runner for Hallway

In order to round off the hallway decoration, never forget to add a cosy rug. Therefore, it is also worth paying attention to the doormat located inside the apartment. It must match the style of the entrance door, but at the same time differ in colour and texture from the general flooring. This ensures for a homely atmosphere that guarantees to wow your visitors.

Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

While choosing hallway rugs, considering the layout and size of the entrance area is the main criterion. Particularly runners are suitable for a long hallway as they create a harmonious space and emphasize the shape of the room. If you have a small or square hallway, then round or square rugs are an optimal choice for equipping your space. It provides additional depth and makes it appear more open.

  • Adequate Lighting
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Designing a hallway can be difficult due to the limited amount of space. Good lighting also proves to be very useful as lighter rooms immediately have a more friendly and welcoming effect. By purchasing useful things for corridors, a homeowner can make its design more appealing. Choose lighting fixtures like lanterns, glass globes instead of a regular fixture that goes unnoticed. In addition, you can also give preference to barn house pendants, hand-blown glass fixtures with vintage appeal, or a decorative flush mount fixture more making a corridor more attractive.

Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

Such ideas would likely be a perfect alternative lighting style for your hallway. The modern abundance of lamps and the types of their installation provide more spaciousness in the hallway. Therefore, in the corridor, there can be lamps-sconces, spotlights, both from the floor and from the ceiling, chandeliers or lighting of individual interior items.

  • Décor with Furniture

Decorating the hallways with small furniture elements like a sofa, chairs, tables, shoe cupboard, or wardrobe for jackets and coats will make the area more spacious. But, ultimately, it all depends on the size of the room and the individual use. In addition, small decorative bowls or dishes on the table can also provide a particularly good home for these objects. Having a wider hallway can preserve the look of the corridor if you place a narrow and long bench against one of the walls.

Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

A single person bench at the end of the hallways is more fitting for a typical narrow corridor. By placing hallway furniture at the end of a corridor, it will open the opportunity to create a beautiful focal point. Around the sitting area, you can also position artwork, a mirror, a small shelf, a basket or plants nearby. In addition, you can also add artistic images easily to distract the attention of guests. The clock in the hallway is also a very favourable choice.

  • Add Plants & Greenery Elements

Adding plants to your hallways in different ways will make great hallway greenery. Air plants, a tree, plants on shelves, or plants on a bench bring the natural beauty in a home. Aloe Vera, spider plants, snake plants, philodendron, parlor palm, and ficus trees all are considered as house plants.

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Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

Flowerpots fill home space with warmth and energy. They bring more colour and are a unique, organic, fresh element of the interior. Consider green herbs, a fig tree leaves to decorate your corridor area. Finding flowers that do not require a lot of sunlight and makes the windows in the corridor luxury.

  • Colour of Hallway

In the hallways choose a dark scale, which is a suitable tone to the general mood of the interior. Today, the industry offers rubber and latex models of rugs of various colours to choose from. A pile flooring traditionally come in classic chocolate, burgundy, plum tones.

Hallway Runner: Decor Entrance with Fresh Look!

Much less often there are peach, pearl or light grey rugs because stamped colours are less often chosen in their homes. To create cosiness, comfort and design of the hallway, you can have several rugs of different shape and colour. Classic interior requires discrete textiles, but you add bright catchy colours of carpeting.

Overall Takeaway

The above-mentioned techniques are useful to décor the entrance of the house. Paintings, vases, figurines, flowers and even cloth curtains are best suited for this. Mirrors should not be placed opposite the front door. It is better to hang them on a perpendicular wall from the entrance. Convenient, beautiful, light and soon will be also favourable for all the necessary energies. But, while choosing the runner for the house, pay attention to the materials. It must be made from natural materials. Jute and sisal rugs are very hard-wearing, antistatic, easy to clean and have a low dirt adhesion.

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