James Harden Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

James Harden Net Worth

Basketball is one of the popular sports events. Many people have gained fame and built strong careers through it. James Harden is one of them. He astonished everyone with his basketball skills. From today’s article, you will learn about James Harden net worth and how he earns it from the basketball ground.

Who is James Harden?

James Harden is an well-known American professional basketball player. James is considered one of the NBA’s top players. He was the best shooting guard in the league. He’s a ten-time NBA All-Star. Harden was selected to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team in 2021 as one of the top 75 players in the league.

Short Bio of James Harden

Full Name James Edward Harden Jr.
Birthdate 26 August, 1989 (age 34)
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Nationality  American
Height 6’ 5” (1.96 m)
Profession Basketball player
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $165 Million

James Harden Net worth

James Harden’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $165 million. Winning a lot of sports events, including the Olympics, is the main reason behind his massive net worth. His skills drive him to incredible success in professional basketball games. Besides this, Harden’s several career attempts also significantly affected his net worth.

Early Life

On August 26, 1989, Harden was born in Los Angeles, California. Harden was brought up in a Christian home and still practices his religion. His father’s name is James Harden Sr. His mother’s name is Monja Willis. James’ basketball skills quickly became noticeable. He was a talented high school athlete who received the McDonald’s All-American honor.

James Harden Net Worth

Harden attended Arizona State and played for their basketball team after graduating high school. At this point, James gained a lot of attention and even appeared on the cover of “Sports Illustrated.” After completing his second-year campaign, Harden announced himself qualified for the 2009 NBA tournament.

Sources Behind James Harden Net Worth

Early Career Breakthrough

James Harden had a successful high school and college career. He attended Artesia High School. His outstanding performance led Artesia to the California state title and a 33-1 record. In Harden’s final season, Artesia achieved 33-2 and won the state championship again. He received the McDonald’s All-American honour and also earned the title of the second team of Parade All-Americans.

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In the Las Vegas Adidas Super 64 championship, Harden helped his AAU team. Harden scored 34 points in a win against the DC Assault team that included Michael Beasley, Nolan Smith and Austin Freeman. On the same day, he had 33 points against the Houston Hoops.

Arizona State was Harden’s freshman season which predicted to place ninth in the Pac-10 Conference. In this season, he played 34 games and achieved 17.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists per game. They were considered as an NCAA tournament bubble team in 2008.

After his freshman year, Harden was awarded first-team All-Pac-10 and a member of the conference’s all-freshman team. On November 30, 2008, Harden beat UTEP 88-58 while recording a career-high 40 points. In his final two seasons, Harden averaged 20.1 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 4.2 assists.

From those early beginnings, Harden gained colossal fame and accumulated some wealth. Thus, his breakthrough career built a foundation for his future net worth.

NBA Career

After a successful career breakthrough, Harden gained massive recognition in basketball. Harden was declared for the 2009 NBA draft for his strong performances in school and college career. He played for a total of 4 teams in his NBA career. Harden’s first NBA team was the Oklahoma City Thunder. He played three years with this team.

In his first season, Harden holds the fourth-highest 3-point percentage of any player under 21 in NBA history. After the 2011–2012 season, he ultimately won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award. In this season, he averaged 16.8 points, 3.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds in 62 games.

James Harden Net Worth

Harden was given a substantial contract deal, but he chose to join the Houston Rockets instead. Harden earned some of the most remarkable stats in history with the team. He contributed in 8 seasons with the team. Harden scored some career-high points and was very close to winning the MVP Award in these seasons. He won it in 2018.

The Brooklyn Nets received Harden in a transaction. He participated in his ninth and tenth consecutive All-Star games while playing for the Nets. Harden played two seasons with the team. He played approximately 80 games. He scored a career-high 8.5 assists per game in this season.

The Nets sent Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers in February 2022. He is still an active player for this team. In the last season, Harden played 58 and scored 21 points, 6.1 rebounds and a career-high 10.7 assists per game.

James Harden gets a huge amount of salary every year. He earns a lot of dollars by extending his contract with the teams or signing a new team. Thus, he increased his net worth through a successful NBA career.

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National Team Career

James Harden won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics as a member of the United States national team. Harden was a potential Olympic participant in 2016 but he pulled out. In 2014, his team won the FIBA Basketball World Cup. These activities undoubtedly being a foundation for his net worth.

Salary and Contracts

At first, Harden made about $14.7 million per year as an NBA player. When he started to play a more important role for the Rockets, this amount later rose to around $40 million.  In 2017, He became the richest player in NBA history by signing a new contract.

James Harden signed various contracts with many teams. At last, he signed a two-year contract of $68.64 million with Philadelphia. His $35.6 million player contract ended with the franchise in June 2023. In Harden’s 14-year NBA career, he earned over $301.6 million in salary.

Brand Endorsements

James Harden was signed to many famous brands. He agreed to a $200 million contract in 2015 to switch from Nike to rival footwear brand Adidas. James will receive an additional average of $15 million annually under the 13-year contract. Harden is also well-known for his appearances in State Farm Insurance ads.

James Harden was sponsored by Trolli’s because of his beard. His beard featured on each piece of gummy candy. In 2019, Harden joined the Houston Dash of the NWSL and the Houston Dynamo of the MLS as a partial owner. This earning from these sites is a vital source of Harden’s net worth.


  • McDonald’s All-American
  • Consensus first-team All-American
  • NBA Scoring champion
  • NBA All-Star
  • NBA Most Valuable Player

Personal Life

Harden is the youngest of his three siblings. Before he was born, his mother suffered several miscarriages. In 2009, Harden began growing his iconic beard after deciding not to shave. Songs and T-shirts have featured his beard. He is not married till now.


What NBA record does James Harden have?

James Harden has a record of 651-349 in his professional career.

What is James Harden net worth in 2023?

James Harden’s net worth is projected to be $165 million in 2023.

How did James Harden get rich?

He got rich through his lucrative NBA contracts, endorsement deals with well-known companies like Adidas and Beats by Dre, and investments in various businesses.

Does James Harden have a PhD?

Yes. He obtained his PhD under the Immunology Programme at Stanford School of Medicine.

Final Thoughts

James Harden net worth is a numerical representation of his successful career story. He is a top-rated basketball player in the world. He was successful in every step of his career. That sets him up for a fantastic financial journey.