Home Remodel Theme Combinations in LA

Home Remodel Theme Combinations in LA

When you think about LA, you think about the beach, summer, Hollywood, and style. Everything in Los Angeles just feels so lively and fun. LA style is very diverse. It’s a mixture of modern, bohemian, minimalist… well, basically anything that you could think of. The possibility is endless in LA. If you are a homeowner in LA that is looking for a new fun way to remodel your home, check out these theme combinations that you could do to your LA home. 

Minimalist and Nature Theme 

If you are one of those people who’s not into heavy decorations and very bright colors but would still want a perfect balance of simple and style, then maybe a minimalist theme combined with a nature theme for your home may be the right fit for you. A minimalist theme and a nature theme together can provide your home with a simple but refreshing environment. Stick to a white or light color palette for your walls and furniture. Lightly decorate your home with some plants to make your place lively. Create the perfect balance by keeping in mind that you want a simple sleek home with some hint of nature. 

Rustic and Beachy Theme 

Bring the two sides of LA into your home. Combine a rustic design with a beachy theme. If you own a beach house or a home near the coast, try adding a rustic theme. This is probably an easy combination that you can not get wrong. Utilize wooden materials in your home to give it that old barn feeling and use colors that will remind you of the sea or the sand like blue or beige. You can wash out those colors if you want a more rustic vibe. Use rocks, woods, and twigs for some D-I-Y activities and make some cute decorations that will embody both the beach and the rustic theme. 

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Modern Theme with Bright Colors 

Going modern can sometimes compel you to stick to those colors that are neutral like white, gray, and black. Combining a modern theme with bright daring colors is a fun way to redesign your LA home. If your home has a modern architecture with sleek designs, try spicing it up with some quirky colors that will give you that fun vibe that LA has. Add furniture and curtains with bright colors or simply add a brightly painted accent wall like yellow or pink. 

Remodeling your LA home is a fun way to mix and match themes in your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. You are living in a city where dreams are made. Why settle for just one theme if you can add more? Just go with your instincts and choose a style that your heart wants.