How Yoga Helps to Maintain Healthy Mind and Body?

healthy mind and body

Yoga is surrounded by a halo of mystery. As a result of this, there are currently many misinterpretations of the yoga system. It has been suggested that yoga is a form of magic and yoga is also a good career option. Quite popular is the version that the exercises included in the yoga system are dangerous for mental and physical health. It is precise because of such misconceptions that the uninitiated remain indifferent to yoga and even fear it. In reality, these versions are a delusion and the result of incompetence in such matters.

Yoga teaches you to control your body and mind, to be aware, to control emotions. This is not just a set of sports exercises that will help you stay fit, but a whole philosophy aimed at internal contemplation. Yoga will allow you not only to maintain the health of the body, but also to maintain the health of the spirit, because these are two inextricably linked parts of one whole.

The Yoga system includes 3 types of exercises: physical, respiratory and mental. All of them are aimed at strengthening physical and mental health, have beneficial effects on all body systems and improve mood. Exercise strengthens muscles, increases joint mobility, stimulates metabolism. Respiratory gymnastics has a positive effect on the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and enhances immunity. Mental (mediation) practice improves the ability to concentrate, relaxes, helps get rid of insomnia and neurosis, and also restores the energy level.

The mental state of a person is influenced by many different factors. Also, the psyche affects the human body. Often the result of mental problems are diseases of various organs of the body, the appearance of muscle clamps. If you believe the ancient Chinese teachings, then a person has several chakras that are responsible for his self-awareness, the realization of his capabilities and aspirations. Often the blocking of one of the chakras destroys a person’s life.

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Master class “I want to be healthy”

Experts in the yoga studio offers you classes, which consists of a series of practical exercises aimed at freeing the body from pain, expanding functional capabilities and improving the quality of life. You will be able to acquire practical skills, as well as get the necessary theoretical base.

Yoga is one of the few practices that helps deal with mental problems. However, she begins treatment with symptoms. Any asana affects the human body. It activates metabolic processes, performs a gentle massage of internal organs or helps to relax the body, improves flexibility.

Progress appears gradually and with it begins the solution of mental problems. Very often during the class, not only pain can appear, but also causeless joy, sadness, anger, tearfulness. All this impact on the psyche. Asana’s affected the diseased organ and were able to correct the integrity of the body, the flow of energy through it, and after that insults, complexes, mental problems that returned to the state of the subconscious and for a long time affect the person’s life begin to return.

In this case, you cannot give up classes. It is necessary to endure this period, then to live with a calm soul. The easiest way to relate to such periods as a movie with your participation and consider yourself from the outside. Perhaps there will be images from the past, which led to physical problems. You can practice certain types of yoga, which are more focused on working with consciousness.

If the practice is not abandoned, then after a while, changes in behaviour will become noticeable. Usually people become more self-confident, less gullible, open, reasonable. It’s easier to express yourself, you can achieve career success. So yoga through physical action is capable of getting a “skeleton out of the closet” no worse than a psychiatrist and help to leave them in the past.