Know more about the MRI and how it is done

MRI is quite a common medical term used these days. This is basically a test where there are certain powerful magnets along with radio waves and a computer is used and this is done in order to get a detailed image of the inside of the body of an individual. This test is performed by doctors to diagnose you and also to find out how far you have responded to a particular treatment. The biggest advantage of MRIs is that they do not use damaging ionizing radiations like CT scans and X rays.MRIs can actually be conducted on various parts of the body and this is especially useful for conducting the tests on the nervous system and the soft tissues of the body.

This is what the MRI for brain, heart, blood vessels and spinal cord defects

With the help of an MRI done for the spinal cord and the brain, you are able to detect damage in the blood vessel, cancer, an injury in the brain, stroke, spinal cord injuries, and cancer. On the other hand, an MRI for the blood vessels and heart indicate any blocked blood vessels, heart disease, any kind of problems with the heart structure and any damage caused by a heart attack.

What happens during an MRI?

The MRI scanner consists of a magnet that is quite large and is in the shape of a doughnut with a tunnel in the center. The patient is first placed on a table and then he or she is pushed into a tunnel. There are certain centers that have MRI scanners containing large openings. These are especially helpful for patients who have claustrophobia. You will get these MRI scanners in both the radiology centers as well as the hospitals. Conducting an MRI Hyderabad is not at all a problem if you stay in Hyderabad. There are good clinics and hospitals in this city which conduct this test.

When this test is conducted, the various radio waves control various magnetic positions of the atoms that are present in the body. These are picked up by a very powerful antenna and are finally sent to the computer which performs various calculations. After this, the computer is able to provide you with certain cross-sectional images of the body that are in black and white. These images can then be converted into 3D pictures of the area that is scanned and also helps in pinpointing the problem areas of the body.

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The process of MRI scan

The MRI scanner is very similar to a cylinder that has openings on both ends. You will have to lie on a bed that is run by motors and can be moved inside the scanner. Either your head or your feet will enter into the scanner first depending on the part of the body that will be scanned. There are times when there is a frame placed on that part of the body that is being scanned. For example, if the head or the chest is scanned, this frame will be placed on top of the chest or the head. The best MRI scan center in Hyderabad will help you to conduct the scan without any kind of hassles.

These frames contain certain receivers that help in picking up the signals that are sent by the body. This helps in creating an image that is of the highest quality. In order to operate the scanner, there is a computer kept in a different room. This is done in order to ensure that the computer is not near the magnetic field that the scanner generates. There is a radiographer who runs the operations of the computer, and therefore he is also in a different room. However, you will be able to communicate with them through an intercom and they will be able to see you on the TV screen.

When you are having a scan, a family member or a friend is allowed to stay with you and if this is conducted on a child, his or her parent can stay when this test is being conducted. The person who stays with the patient at the time when the MRI is being conducted cannot have any metal objects in the body.

It is important that the scanned part of the body is still and does not move at all when the test is being conducted. You have to be very particular about this because if the body part moves, the images will look blurred and will not solve any purpose. There are certain scans that are short and you might be asked to hold your breath when the scan is being conducted. Mostly the time varies between a few seconds to a few minutes. The entire process can, however, continue up to 90 minutes. During the time of the scan, you have the option of listening to music on your headphone as well.

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This is what you can expect from an MRI

MRIs are painless and the patient has to lie on the table without any kind of movement for about 20 – 90 minutes. However, there are small breaks given in between each scan. In most cases, after the scan is completed you can get back to your normal routine until you are advised otherwise. If you feel cold on the MRI table, you will be also provided with a blanket.

Risks involved in an MRI

In most cases, the MRIs are quite safe and there are hardly any risks involved. This is because the radio waves that are used here have very low energy and there is also no radiation involved in this process. This process can well be repeated and there are no side effects at all. However, before conducting this, it is important to let the doctor know as to whether there are any specific health issues that the patient is suffering from.

In case there is a sedative used during an MRI scan, it is not at all save to drive or drink alcohol at least for the next 24 hours. Operating heavy machinery for another 24 hours is also not recommended. After you receive the report of the scan you have to talk to your radiologist, who will be able to study the report and let you know your health condition.