Price comparison portals: What are they?

Price comparison portals

When it comes to online shopping, you hear more and more often about so-called price comparison portals. With the help of such portals, you should be able to save a lot of money in the best case. This is because the portals compare the various prices of retailers with each other and then list them clearly, so that customers can ultimately choose the best offer. What exactly the portals are all about and what users should pay attention to in order to really get the best price for the desired product is explained in a little more detail below.

What are price comparison portals anyway?

As already mentioned, comparison portals have made it their business to compare the prices of different retailers in real time and, if necessary, display them in a kind of list. From this list, you can then select the desired store and usually order immediately. In doing so, one is redirected directly from the comparison portal. If a contract is successfully concluded, the portal receives a commission in the form of a percentage of the purchase price. As a customer, however, you do not pay more – at least with reputable portals.

What should one pay attention to?

First and foremost, you should look for a reputable provider. It is important that as many dealers as possible are represented, so that the current situation on the market is represented as realistically as possible. In addition, the customer should really be shown the dealer who offers the best price. The portal should therefore not make the order dependent on where there is the best commission in the event of a contract being concluded. If these factors apply, one can really make the one or other bargain on a portal like

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What else can you do?

In addition to using price comparison portals, there are a few other things you can do to make sure you really get the best deal. For example, you can also do a little research on current prices yourself from time to time and also find out about the products you are interested in. Thus, one always knows what prices are reasonable for a particular product. For example, if you have your eye on a certain cell phone and know the usual prices for it, you can use the price comparison portal to judge exactly which offers are particularly good and which are not.

Are the portals free of charge?

Basically, you do not pay directly for using the price comparison portals. As already mentioned, however, the portals usually receive a commission, which, however, does not usually affect the price that you pay as a customer. In addition, the portals are often financed through advertisements, which in most cases does not dampen the user experience.


If you like to shop a lot on the Internet, price comparison portals are a great way to get the best price for a particular product. However, you should make sure that the portal you choose is reputable and that you also have a rough idea of the prices of the products you are interested in.