Rituals for prosperity, money and fortune


Any time of the year is valid to make an evaluation of what has happened around us and plan what we want our future to be. Rituals to attract good luck, prosperity, and money are essential in this process.

Here we present easy and powerful rituals to attract prosperity and  good luck :

Clean energy with order and cleanliness 

This is perhaps the simplest but also the most effective ritual to attract prosperity and luck. If good fortune is to be attracted, our home needs to have the space to accommodate it. If there is clutter and dirt, everything we want enters our life will have nowhere to land. 

With chaos in physical space, energy stagnates and stops flowing freely. When this happens the things that we could be receiving are left at the door, waiting for there to be energetic movement and to be able to enter our lives.

So, with a garage full of boxes and old things, that new car you need will not come. If you want to know the love of your life and make a home but you work from sunrise to sunset and your closets are crowded with things, that person will have no place in your home. If you want abundance, you have to give space to all the good things that are ready to come into your life.
The first thing is to clear up the clutter and crowding:

  • Get rid of old, unused clothes, worthless papers, broken or useless things, and anything else you have in your home and office that doesn’t meet any goal. If it occupies living space and it is useless, you have to get out.
  • Order everything you keep, with a specific place for each thing. Having objects in certain places allows you to show them off, find them when you need them and, above all, give them the purpose for which they were acquired. 

Second, once the house is tidy, comes the cleaning process. 

  • Do it calmly, with the best disposition and attitude and with the conscious intention of removing any darkness and stagnation in your home.
  • Clean and move furniture and rugs, flip mattresses, shake cabinets and drawers, and don’t leave any corner unattended.
  • Vacuum and dust, open windows, mop and breathe new life into your home.
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Changes after a cleaning and ordering process are instantaneous. A physical space without chaos helps us to have a calm mind, to be able to think clearly, to make sound decisions and to live in harmony and peace  If you can’t do any other rituals, cleaning the house is an important step that will give you immediate benefits.


Many times we complain that we have no fortune, but in reality we despise the smallest demonstrations that we are fortunate, such as the coins we left behind. Coins are money , our fortune and abundance, and leaving them scattered around the house and between pockets does not help attract more. To perform this simple ritual you must: 

  • Search in each wallet, pocket and drawer, all the coins and change that is loose and forgotten. All coins in the house, car and office should go to a glass or wooden box.

When December 31 comes, just before midnight, put this box in a visible place, tie a red string or ribbon around it (like sealing the box) and place it on a mirror. The red cord will increase the power of this money and seal it as yours, and the mirror pointing upwards (reproducing the image of the box full of money) will multiply its contents infinitely.
Keep the box and mirror clean at all times and do not use these coins at all.

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Cleaning energy with plants and species 

    • Cinnamon: This prosperity ritual is primarily effective in attracting fortune and money. On December 31st, after doing the normal cleaning of your home, make a cinnamon water preparation (one cup of cinnamon for every seven cups of water). With this mix, clean your floors and surfaces at home once per preparation. I mean, if you’re going to mop a second time, make a new mix. When cleaning, focus on bringing good luck, money, fortune, and envision how cinnamon cleanses and lightens all darkness and acts like a magnet to bring you what you want. Although it is an excellent New Year ritual, it can be repeated every week of the year if desired.
    • Rue: rue plants attract prosperity. The one you are going to use must be a   healthy rue and you must do this without help and with the best intention and attitude. On the first day of each month, before 12 noon, plant rough around your home, in doing so focus on the intention of attracting your desires. The rue works for work, money, love or luck in general.
  • Laurel: This herb has healing, purifying and protective properties. It has been used for centuries to clean up bad energy in physical spaces and people. Ideally cleaning is done with smoke coming out of the burning branch. Put some bay leaves in a container with handles that won’t heat up when you set the leaves on fire. Once the smoke starts to come out, he walks around the house letting it enter all the rooms. Some people put cinnamon powder on the bay branches to exacerbate the cleansing powers. Another way to use the laurel is as a corsage. In a deep plate put water with salt; use the laurel corsage as a brush and dip it in the water splashing the rooms of the house as you walk through it. 
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The  mantras can be rites themselves or may accompany any other ritual. Repeat or reproduce the mantras you want to use on an audio system, you can search them online or repeat a phrase that has value for you, such as “I am powerful and healthy” or “only happiness and health come to my house”. The important thing is that the message you say out loud or hear over and over again has value for you and the moment you are going through. If you repeat the mantra several times a day you are programming yourself so that its content becomes reality.