Avial Recipe: Easiest Way To Make The Dish!

avial recipe

Wondering how to make Avial Recipe which is a super succulent and nutritional dish? We got you covered. You can make this dish fluently at home without any problems. This is a veritably popular dish from Kerala or South India. This dish is also known as vegetable curry as it contains all the vegetables it needs. This dish is extremely delicious, yet this is also salutary for your health.

So without any further preface, let’s just get started with the form. Well, here’s an intriguing fact, this form was discovered by Bheem, and ultimately, everyone loved the food.

avial recipe

 Authentic Avial Recipe

You need a mix of vegetables to prepare this form. Whereas you can use your choice of vegetables, then we’ve our choice of vegetables that you can use to make this easy yet succulent dish.

To prepare this dish genuinely, you need an earthen pot. This will help you discover a savory, and the flavors come out as authentic as the traditional Avial form.

Let’s look out at the constituents you need for preparing this dish.


  • Earthen pot
  • coconut( 1 big coconut)
  • turmeric greasepaint( 1/ 4th teaspoon)
  • Cumin seeds( 1 teaspoon)
  • curry leaves( 2 stems)
  • drumsticks( 100 gm)
  • green beans( 100 g)
  • Pumpkin( 100 gm)
  • coconut oil ( 2 spoons)
  • yogurt( 2 spoons)
  • Elephant bottom yum( 100g)
  • callow bananas( 50 g)
  • potato( 100 g)
  • carrot( 100 g)
  • onion( 100 g)
  • salt as per taste
  • Garlic( 1 clove)
  • Ladies finger( 100 gm)
  • tomato( 100 g)
  • Green chili( 2- 3)
  • Cucumber( 200 g)

avial recipe


  • The first procedure is to wash the vegetables duly and cut them into long slices.
  • Take the earthen pot and put all the vegetables one by one.
  • Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, drumsticks, cucumber, onion, callow bananas, elephant foot yum, pumpkin, green beans, ladies fingers, and tomatoes.
  • After adding the vegetables, add some salt, as per taste. Add 2 pinches of turmeric grease paint then. You don’t need a lot of spices then.
  • Add a few curry leaves and add roughly 80 ml of water and let it cook for about 10 minutes. Don’t forget to cover the pot and keep the flame of your gas on medium heat meanwhile preparing the main component, which is the coconut chutney.
  • To make the coconut chutney grate a half coconut. ( Take a big coconut and use half of it).
  • Meanwhile, stir the vegetables a bit so that they don’t stick to the pot. This is a pivotal step. Now cover the pot again and let it cook for many further mins.
  • Now, take a blending jar and add onion( For your reference, add 1 medium-sized onion), add one clove of garlic, and 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, and add 3- 4 green chilies.
  • It’s time to blend the admixture duly. Don’t blend it as a paste. Leave it a bit coarse. Now add the grated coconut and half a teaspoon of turmeric grease paint and blend the admixture. Just crush and mix the constituents. Don’t make a fine paste.
  • Now, while you were preparing the chutney, your veggies cooked duly.
  • Now add the coconut chutney that you prepared. Mix it duly with the vegetables.
  • Now add a few curry leaves. Cover the lid and leave it for 5 mins.
  • Now open the lid and add 2- 3 tablespoons of yogurt.
  • Mix everything well and add 2- 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and salt as per your taste.
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Now it’s time to kill the flame. Our Avial is ready to serve and eat.

There you go. Your easy peasy Avial form is ready. Serve it hot and enjoy its taste.

avial recipe

 Udupi Style Avial Recipe

Let’s look at how to make Udupi-style Avial form.


  • Half coconut( 1 mug)
  • Green chilies( 3- 4)
  • Urad dal( 1 teaspoon)
  • Curry leaves( 1- 2 stems)
  • drumsticks( 100gm)
  • tomatoes( 100gm)
  • potatoes( 100 gm)
  • coconut oil painting( 4 soupspoons)
  • carrot( 100gm)
  • Raw bananas( 100 gm)
  • pumpkin( 100gm)
  • green sap( 100gm)
  • cucumber( 100gm)
  • Elephant feet yum( 100gm)

avial recipe


Follow all the former mincing styles.

Next, grate the coconut beforehand.

Also mix in grated coconut, green chilies, and 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds, add water and make a paste.

Coming in a visage, add all the vegetables, add 75 ml of water, add turmeric grease paint and let it boil for 10- 15 minutes in medium flame and cover the visage.

Next, add the coconut chutney and give it a blend. Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Also, add 2- 3 spoons of yogurt and 4- 5 curry leaves.

Add 2- 3 spoons of coconut oil and mix everything well.

Add salt as per taste and mix it for around 2- 3 mins.

Now for the tempering, in a small visage, add coconut oil painting, many curry leaves, urad dal, dried chilis, and asafoetida. Let it cook for 5 secs and also drain the tempering to our Avial.

There you go. Avial is ready to serve.


Always remember to check the vegetables by using a fork. If it’s easy for you to pick the vegetables, that indicates it is well cooked.

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Final Thoughts

This recipe takes 30 minutes to prepare, including the time it takes to chop the vegetables. The dish is easy to make and is packed with highly nutritious and good ingredients. Follow all the methods step by step to achieve perfection. No matter if you are making it for the first time, it’s easy for you to make it once you read this article properly. This dish can be served as a side dish or even a main dish with hot steamed rice.

Hopefully, this article was relevant to your search. We tried to keep it lucid and simple for your convenience. So what are you waiting for? Go make the Avial recipe and impress your family with your culinary skills. Don’t forget to let us know your experience. Till then, take care.