Chipper Jones Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life [2023]

Chipper Jones Net Worth

Chipper Jones stands tall among the top baseball icons, astounded by their accomplishments on the field worldwide. Jones transcended the sport, leaving an everlasting impression on the hearts of fans all across the globe with a career as famous as the crack of a bat in a crowded stadium. His expertise, yet, is not just limited to sports. A remarkable story of success and financial prowess lurks behind the beautiful landscapes and famous events. Stunning numbers and the doggedness of a champion are intertwined in the secret tale of Chipper Jones net worth, which we explore today.

Chipper Jones Net Worth

The impressive net worth of almost $90 million that baseball star Chipper Jones has is undoubtedly enticing. His bank account has been generously bolstered by the symphony of his successful baseball stints, innovative business ventures, and concordant endorsement deals. Jones has also made wise bets in the ethereal world of real estate and the captivating financial markets, adding to his long list of accomplishments.

Early Life

Chipper Jones, whose given name at birth was Larry Wayne Jones Jr., entered this world on April 24, 1972, in DeLand, Florida. His passion for baseball was undoubtedly impacted by his father’s successful career in Major League Baseball. Jones developed a lifelong passion for baseball under his father’s tutelage as a child. He went to Bolles School, an elite institution in Jacksonville, Florida, where he excelled in baseball, basketball, and football. Jones was drafted first overall by the Atlanta Braves in the 1990 MLB Draft while attending Bolles.

Chipper Jones Net Worth

Jones’s trip started in DeLand, Florida, where his father taught and coached at T. DeWitt Taylor High School. Jones began playing baseball with his father’s squad as a freshman. His potential, however, only emerged once he moved to the Bolles School as a sophomore. He had an excellent six wins and three losses, the record, with 87 strikeouts and a.391 batting average.

Jones’s extraordinary skills weren’t limited to baseball. In 1989, he switched from being a baseball player to a football player. He earned First Team All-State and helped his team win the state championship. Organizations like Gatorade honored him with titles such as Florida Baseball Player of the Year and Regional Baseball Player of the Year as his accomplishments piled up. He almost became the national player of the year.

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Jones’s post-high school plans included enrolling at the University of Miami on a baseball scholarship. With this choice, he took the first step toward a legendary career in major league baseball.


The Atlanta Braves drafted Jones first overall in 1990. Before joining the Richmond Braves, he spent time with the Macon Braves, Durham Bulls, and Greenville Braves in the minor levels. At 19, he debuted with the Atlanta Braves in September 1993, but a spring training ACL tear ruined his season. A year later, he had more statistics than any other MLB rookie, enabling the Braves to eliminate the Cleveland Indians in the ensuing World Series. However, after losing the 1996 World Series to the Yankees, Jones returned to the big show the following year.

In his most outstanding season, 1999, he set multiple records and was named National League MVP. Jones led the league in road-hitting average after signing a lucrative contract with the Braves in 2000. In 2002 and 2003, he tried playing left field, but a hamstring injury forced him back to third base. Finally, he hit his 300th home run as a professional in August 2004.

Chipper Jones Net Worth

2006 Jones achieved two more franchise records, becoming the Braves’ all-time leader in RBI and hits. Consistency and brilliance throughout his career made him one of the best baseball players ever. After last season full of highlights, he called it quits from professional baseball in 2012. The Braves Hall of Fame inducted Jones in 2013, and the US National Baseball Hall of Fame recognized him in 2018. He also changed careers in 2019, becoming ESPN’s “Wednesday Night Baseball” color commentator.

In 2014, Jones showed his chivalry off the field when he helped ex-teammate Freddie Freeman from a traffic bottleneck caused by a snowstorm. In honor of this heroic effort, the Braves have scheduled a”Chipper Rescues Freddie” bobblehead night. Jones left a significant mark on the Braves organization with his accomplishments during his career.

Private Matters

Jones met his future wife, Karin Fulford while playing for the Macon Braves in his early professional career. The couple wed in 1992. Unfortunately for them, in 1998, Jones’s extramarital romance with aHooters waitress resulted in the birth of their son, Matthew. Because of this, Jones and Fulford separated in the year 2000.

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Jones remarried shortly after separating from his first wife; he chose Sharon Logonov as his bride. Trey, Tristen, and Shea are the three boys from their marriage. However, in 2012, their marriage finally ended.

Jones began a relationship with Playboy model Taylor Higgins, with whom he finally tied the knot in 2015. They have two boys together, named Cutler and Cooper.

Aside from his private life, deer hunting is one of Jones’s greatest passions. He and his longtime buddy Matt Duff co-own and co-host the “Major League Bowhunter” hunting program on the Sportsman Channel and the show “Buck Commander” on the Outdoor Channel.

Jones, a three-time married father of four, has publicly discussed his addiction and utilized his fame to raise awareness of mental health concerns. In addition to his work, he enjoys spending time outdoors,where he may go fishing and hunting.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is Chipper Jones a potter in disguise?

Chipper Jones’s devotion to baseball is well-known, but he hasn’t let on about any hidden hobbies. His years of practice on the golf course may have prepared him well for working with clay.

Does Chipper Jones ever think of opening a clothing store?

Although Chipper Jones has a reputation for having great flair on and off the field, he has not announced any intentions to launch his clothing brand. However, he may have some helpful style tips for up-and-coming players.

Final Thoughts

Chipper’s reputation as a brilliant tactician goes well beyond the flash and glory of his financial success. Because of his commercial acumen, he has amassed a fortune via endorsement agreements and wise investments. Yet, despite his spectacular success and riches, Chipper Jones’ steadfast devotion to his trade and pursuit of perfection is what has resonated with fans. Through his astonishing journey, he has become a symbol of success in athletics and beyond and accumulated a tremendous net worth.