CJ So Cool Net Worth, Early Life, Career

CJ So Cool Net Worth

CJ So Cool has an estimated net worth of around $9 million as of 2023. He achieved fame and financial success through his YouTube channel, where he posts pranks, reactions, vlogs, and various challenges.

Known off-screen as Cordero James Brady, Cj So Cool began his YouTube journey in 2014, quickly amassing a substantial following with engaging and often humorous content.

His approach to social media stardom includes leveraging a mix of consistent content creation and interaction with his fan base, which resonates particularly well with younger audiences.

CJ So Cool Net Worth

Due to his massive success on YouTube, CJ So Cool has accumulated an impressive net worth of around $9 million as of 2023.

His profitable career as a social media influencer and entertainer on YouTube is the primary source of his multi-million dollar net worth. Across his channels, CJ brings in tens of millions of video views per month, which translates to a consistent 7-figure income.

CJ So Cool Net Worth

At his peak popularity, CJ earned over $1.5 million annually from YouTube advertising revenue alone. His annual earnings are likely even higher when including additional income from sponsorships, endorsements, merchandise sales, and other business deals.

As CJ continues growing his audience and expanding his “Royalty Family” brand across social platforms, his net worth can reach 8 figures. The family channels and over 20 million subscribers demonstrate substantial entertainment value and marketing potential.

Early Life and Background

CJ So Cool was born on March 29, 1983, in Gary, Indiana. He had a difficult childhood, growing up in the projects of Gary, which is notorious for crime and poverty. His mother was only 15 years old when she had him. However, his father was gunned down when CJ was just 9 months old.

CJ credits his grandmother and faith for helping him escape trouble when he was young. He was a class clown in school and enjoyed making people laugh early on. After high school, he had dreams of becoming a comedian or rapper.

Rise to Fame on YouTube

CJ So Cool experienced explosive growth on YouTube starting in 2015. Before that, he had slowly built up his “CJ so Cool” channel since joining YouTube in 2012.

The significant boost in popularity came when some of his prank videos went viral, including “Kissing Prank – Halloween Edition” in October 2015. That prank alone brought over 180 million views.

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Overall, in 2015, his channel went from around 400,000 subscribers to over 2.5 million by the end of the year – massive growth in just 12 months. Fans couldn’t get enough of his creative prank ideas, funny reactions, and infectious personality.

The momentum continued through 2016 and 2017 as subscriptions grew by over 5 million. CJ’s family-oriented comedy vlogs were gaining traction as well. Views per month averaged 30-40 million.

By 2018, CJ had eclipsed 7 million subscribers. Some of his most viewed videos that year included challenge videos like the “No Hands Candy Challenge.”

The CJ So Cool channel has over 10 million subscribers and 2 billion lifetime views. Going from posting homemade comedy sketches to becoming one of YouTube’s biggest stars was an incredible rise to fame.

Source Of Income

CJ So Cool has built his net worth by leveraging multiple income sources, with YouTube ad revenue making up the lion’s share. At his peak, estimates indicate CJ earned over $1.5 million per year directly from Google AdSense and YouTube ads on his viral content. When combined across his family of channels, the total annual income from YouTube likely exceeds $2 million.

CJ So Cool Net Worth

Sponsored brand endorsement deals also provide a steady income stream for CJ as an influencer. Companies pay CJ to promote or integrate their products/services into their videos. Income from merchandise, live events, affiliate links in video descriptions, and real estate investments contribute to his growing wealth.

Assets And Luxurious Lifestyle

Cj So Cool has invested wealth into luxurious houses, cars, and travel.

CJ splits his time between Gary, Indiana, and Las Vegas, Nevada homes. His Gary home features amenities like a built-in pool, home theatre, custom cabinetry, and more.

The family also owns a mansion in Las Vegas, with 8 bedrooms to accommodate their needs. CJ is decorated with expensive décor like crystal chandeliers and luxury furniture.

His car collection includes lavish vehicles like a Lamborghini Porsche, customized Jeeps, and an extensive collection of sneakers worth thousands. CJ also loves jewellery and fashion, sporting diamond chains and designer clothing from brands like Gucci.

Regarding travel, CJ often takes his family on tropical vacations to destinations like Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and more. For his 30th birthday, they went on a luxurious cruise trip.

Business Ventures

CJ So Cool has tapped into other business realms, including merchandising, mobile gaming apps, and real estate. CJ owns several Shopify stores selling branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items that have proven popular amongst his loyal supporters. The apparel generates sales and allows fans to showcase their Royal Family fandom proudly.

CJ has also strategically capitalized on his audience by releasing gaming apps starring himself and his family. The games offer in-app purchases and advertising revenue. His most successful gaming app so far is Royalty Run – an endless runner with the family.

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Additionally, CJ allocates some of his 7-figure YouTube income into real estate assets. He owns lavish houses in both Indiana and Las Vegas. Long-term, his property investments ensure the family’s residual income and financial security.

Personal Life and Relationships

CJ So Cool has a loving relationship with his wife, Royalty.

CJ met Royalty online in 2011. They built a friendship first before falling in love. After a year of dating long distance, Royalty relocated to Indiana, and they got married in 2012.

Together, they have 4 children – Cool J, Malakye, and Ar’mani, and a daughter, Samone. CJ is also a stepdad to Royalty’s kids from previous relationships. Their big blended family inspires the “Royalty Family” brand.

While they share their lives publicly through vlogs, CJ and Royalty also set boundaries to protect family privacy. They overcome challenging times together with open communication and unwavering support.

Both Royalty and CJ came from struggling backgrounds filled with trauma and instability. They made a pact early on to break generational cycles of dysfunction so their kids could live better lives rooted in love, security, and abundance.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

CJ makes an effort to give back and make a positive community impact. He has been involved in several philanthropic and social initiatives over the years.

In his home state of Indiana, CJ has done charity collaborations with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. That includes donations as well as volunteering his time.

During the 2020 holiday season, CJ organized a significant giveaway event where he gave toys, food, and other items to over 300 families in need in his Indiana community.

CJ also uses his platform to provide hope and motivation to his predominantly young audience. He overcame many obstacles growing up poor in Gary and wants to inspire kids to stay determined in pursuing their dreams no matter their circumstances.

On his channels, CJ creates content to showcase educational topics like financial literacy, teaching kids about saving/investing money and making wise spending decisions. The idea is to break cycles of poverty.

FAQs on CJ So Cool Net Worth

What Is CJ So Cool’s Current Net Worth?

CJ So Cool has an estimated net worth of around $9 million as of 2023.

How Did CJ So Cool Accrue His Wealth?

CJ So Cool amassed his wealth primarily through his successful YouTube channel, brand endorsements, and music ventures.

Does CJ So Cool Have Other Income Sources?

Aside from YouTube, CJ So Cool earns from merchandise sales, sponsored content, and occasional television appearances.

Has CJ So Cool’s Net Worth Increased Recently?

Recent estimates suggest a steady increase in CJ So Cool’s net worth, attributed to his growing social media presence and business endeavors.

Final Words

CJ So Cool has overcome early life struggles to achieve massive success as an entertainer and influencer. His channels have brought in over $9 million in revenue. CJ continues working hard to grow his audience while balancing family life and giving back when possible.