Steve Will Do It Net Worth Details, Early Life, and Career

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

Today is the era of the internet. The internet is an open place, allowing anybody to show their talent worldwide. Steve Will Do It is a name that became a breakthrough celebrity on the internet. Today, we will discover Steve Will Do It’s net worth and how he earns it from the internet platform.

Who is Steve Will Do It?

Stephen Deleonardis, better known as Steve Will Do It, is a YouTuber. He creates videos about daily live vlogging, tours, and fun games. Steve is one of those YouTubers who gained quick success. Steve’s primary specialty is making jokes. People got attracted to him because of his charming comedy scene.

Short Bio of Steve Will Do It

Full Name Stephen Deleonardis
Birthdate August 26, 1998 (age 25)
Birthplace Oviedo, Florida, U.S.A
Nationality American
Height 5’ 9” (1.70 m)
Profession YouTuber
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Net Worth $5 million

Early Life

Steve Will Do It was born in Florida, U.S.A. His father is a businessman. Steve is the younger kid of his parents. Steve has one brother and one sister.  Rocco Deleonardis and Briana Deleonardis are Steve’s siblings. Steve attended his high school at a local high school in his hometown. Steve was not so good at his studies.

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

During high school, Steve spent a lot of time on the internet. He was the famous internet guy at the school. He used to make pranks and fun of his juniors and posted them on Instagram. Steve had never attended any college or university.

From an early teenage, Steve dreamed about gaining a vast internet inspiration. As a result, he started posting regularly on social media platforms. Steve created his YouTube channel “Steve Will Do It” in 2019.

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Steve Will Do It Net Worth

Steve’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $5 million. This massive net worth at such a young age is really impressive. Steve’s net worth is a testament that he has overcome all his difficulties to build a career in YouTube. Steve’s charming representations and Comedy sense attract his audience. Also, people love his tours. This brings more viewers to his videos. As a YouTuber, this is the main success of Steve, which brings him this massive net worth.

Facts Behind Steve Will Do It Net Worth

NELK Entertainment

Before starting his own YouTube channel, Steve was a member of NELK Entertainment. It is a comedy YouTube channel that is run by a bunch of YouTubers. This channel currently has 8 million subscribers with around 100 million views per video. Basically, YouTube pays a YouTuber on the basis of total views of a video.  As a member of that channel, Steve arrived on many videos of this channel, and those videos also gained massive views.

Undoubtedly, those videos earned a lot of money as per YouTube’s earning strategy. Steve gets a portion of the generated money from every video he arrives. Besides this, NELK Entertainment has a lot of sponsors. The earning from those sponsors is distributed equally to the channel members. These earnings allow Steve to accumulate much wealth from his early beginning career.

YouTube Ad Revenue

Steve created the “Steve Will Do It” YouTube channel in 2019. Firstly, he published a comedy video titled “I AM TAKING OVER YOUTUBE.!” This video became viral quickly. Later, Steve continued posting videos regularly on YouTube. Soon, his channel started gaining more subscribers and more views.

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

People were attached to his comedy videos. Steve mainly posted prank videos, comedy videos, fun games or challenges, and beautiful tour vlogs. Some of his most viral videos were “Eating The Largest Slice of Pizza,” “Eating Over 200 Snails in Paris,” “Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers,” “Attempting to Drink 12 Beers in 2 Minutes,” and so on.

People love those very much. As a result, the YouTube channel has gained over 4 million subscribers. His videos regularly generate around 50 million views on average. This allows Steve to run ads from YouTube on his videos. YouTube pays based on the total views of a video. Steve, along with his million-viewed videos, can quickly generate a massive amount of money. Thus, the earnings from YouTube became the primary source of Steve’s net worth.

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Brand endorsements

As Steve has massive fame and a huge fan base, many big brands want to promote their brands through Steve. As a result, Steve has signed many endorsement deals with several different brands, including online casino websites and apps, clothing companies, energy drink and beer brands. All these paid Steve a high payment for making a promotion for their brands. This earning increased Steve’s net worth.

Merchandise sales

Steve has launched his own clothing line. Steve has been seen wearing designed outfits. His fans inform Steve through comments that they want those outfits also. After that, Steve started selling those outfits through his website. The profit from those sales eventually increases Steve’s net worth.

Current Situation

Steve lost his YouTube channel permanently on 12 September 2020. YouTube informs Steve that his videos were against YouTube Partner Program Policies. The main reason he lost his track was promoting gambling websites.

Personal Life

Steve has a girlfriend. His name is Celina Smith. Steve has brought up his girlfriend several times in his videos. Although Steve has a strong relationship with Celina Smith, they once broke up. But a few days later, Steve uploaded a video where he re-introduced Celina Smith as his girlfriend.


How is Steve from NELK so rich?

Steve became rich by gaining a massive fanbase on YouTube and making endorsement deals.

Is Steve part of NELK?

No, Steve is no longer a  part of NELK .

How much money does Steve Will Do It make?

Steve’s net worth in 2023 is recognized at $5 million.

Why did Steve from NELK get canceled?

Steve lost his channel because he had promoted gambling.

Final Thoughts

Steve Will Do It’s net worth represents his early success. The Internet gives Steve a chance to reveal his talent, and he successfully makes it with the love of many people. Steve’s talent and the audience’s attraction are responsible for his net worth status.