10 Best Paithani Sarees for Wedding That Will Stun You

paithani saree for wedding

Paithani saree is the most popular Marathi saree in India. The saree belongs to a city that is known as Paithani in Maharashtra. It is renowned for its hand-knitted silk sarees and its sheen amalgamation of hues. You can just recognize to choose party dress and the novel Paithani sarees by its appeals and features. The specific qualities of these sarees are the peacock designed pallu with effervescent zari works. The multicolored motif is also an exceptional feature of this saree by interlacing one colored thread bread-wise and next hued length-wise. Different other designs are also available in the chic Paithani sarees. The edge and pallu are the major features of the Paithani sarees. It is also well-thought-out as one of the ironic saree that is offered in India and other countries too.

Best Paithani Sarees for Wedding That Will Stun you

1. Red Coloured Flower Design Paithani Saree

This red saree has been designed with golden zari work polka dots on the entire parts of saree. The edge and pallu have mauve and pink floral motifs. However, the border of this saree is pretty wider that provides stunning with zari works. This old-style Paithani silk has been designed with glossy designs that offer your saree eye-catching looks. You can get a great discount on clothing online using Koovs promo code.

2. Green Paithani Saree With Golden Designed Border:

This latest designed Paithani saree is created with light emerald hue influence that has also multi-hued edges. It looks too gorgeous. Golden designs are designed over the lime part of the saree. Hand-knitted peacock designed border and pallu is the major appealing part of the saree. The unique feature of this saree is the elegant pallu and margins. To get a contrasting look, match this saree with a red-hued blouse.

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3. Blue Saree with Red and Wonderful Border:

The Paithani silk saree is major attention that is looked on the pallu portion. The scarlet and golden zari lined border are overspread all over this part of saree. Specific customary fashioned designs are designed on the entire vibrant blue part. The pallu is primarily a golden layered part with diverse woven flowered motifs.

4. Handloom Paithani Saree:

Covered purple saree with golden coated saree looks splendid always. This purple handloom saree is designed with golden polka dots all over sarees. The border and the pallu are layered differently with red and green Meena works. These good Meena works are hand-knitted designs and have an outdated look. This is one of the perfect silk Paithani sarees.

5. Off-White Designed Paithani Art Silk Saree:

This off-white Paithani art silk looks wonderful surfaced body with glorious pallu. Having a golden-layered border with glossy red coating on both sides of the edge runs along with this off-white saree. Mauve and emerald motifs on the pallu look extremely attractive and magnificent. This saree can be mainly worn in most of the religious festive seasons.

6. Sky Blue Tinted Heavy Pallu Paithani Saree:

This new Paithani saree is mostly available in sky blue, and this sari is merged with a glossy texture. You just look elegant in casually cool saree. Extensive zari borders are pretty tinted and the minor piece of the pallu has similar designed many-hued works. Instead, the blue part of the saree has golden colored dots all over the saree.

7. Pire Paithani Saree:

Hand-woven works can be seen in this sari, these sarees are available in the dark color of pink-tinted silk saree. It is mixed with natural golden edges. The pallu is matched with a golden-coated base and all over it, peacock motifs are being worked. State-of-the-art fashion is being mixed with traditional Paithani saree looks graceful. This designer saree can be mostly worn during reception bashes.

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8. Dark Blue Silk Saree with Meena Booties and Peacock Elegance:

This Paithani saree adds some Meena booties on the azure parts. This dark tinted blue is mixed with golden-coated and red which provides the sparkly look. Pallu has spherical and peacock motifs are worked beautifully. The beautiful golden-hued pallu looks very special with emerald mainly.

9. Mustard Yellow Paithani Silk Saree:

Mustard yellow-colored Paithani saree provides gorgeous with a carroty border. Both the yellow and orange colors are too shiny and zari works also boost your look. Yellow parts are designed with golden designs and the orange pallu gets vibrant peacock design with golden stripes. The golden-layered zari strips also work along the carroty edge. You can apply for fashion designer jobs to know about this field.

10. Yellow Coloured with Green Border Paithani Saree:

Combinations of emerald-green and yellow saree look stunning with the hues permutation. However, its merely designed Paithani silk saree, the glossy texture, and contrasting hues make this saree appearance extremely sophisticated. Pallu entails peacock designed motifs with zari works and the edge is of just golden-layered emerald designed.

This paithani silk hand-knitted sarees give gorgeous looks with their zari edges and thick designed pallu. The feature of these paithani sarees is designed pallu with multi-colored effect

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