How to pay land tax online?

land tax online

Land tax online is an annual tax paid online by the property owner in their area to local government or municipal corporations. Property tax applies to any property type. Whether it is land, office buildings, intangible property, and even improvements made to the ground. If you own any kind of real estate, you must pay property tax for the same every year. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to go to the municipal office to pay property tax. Various municipal departments now have their official websites or download their municipal body’s app on their mobile phones. This helps them to pay land tax online within minutes.

How is it calculated?

Land tax is based on various factors such as size, location, and amenities. Civic bodies of your area attach an annual value to properties for land tax collection purposes. However, they use different methodologies to arrive at this calculation. Many local bodies mainly apply three land value calculation methods to establish this annual payment liability, i.e., annual rental value system, unit area value system, and capital value-based system.

Process of Paying Land Tax Online

It is very easy to pay your Land Tax online following these simple steps:

First, you need to visit the Official Website of Your Municipality or Select the corporation.
Then, look for Property Tax Option.
Fill in the required details such as- Property ID, Name, Address, Email ID, Phone Number, etc.
Verify details mentioned under your land.
Click on ‘Get Tax Amount’
After checking the payable tax amount, select a payment method, i.e., Debit Card, Credit Card, or any other payment options.
Proceed with the payment and receive Challan

Required Documents

If you have a property tax bill, which your municipality usually gives at the property address. You do not need any documents to pay the property tax. This bill contains all the details that you have to enter while paying house tax online.

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Penalty And Reward

You can draw an additional 20% late fee for your property tax for not paying on or before the due date. If you pay the entire tax in a lump sum in the first quarter of the year. You can also get a 15% rebate on your property tax. Pay your property tax online before your due date to avoid late fees.

Rebates on Land Tax

Civic bodies across the country offer various rebates to taxpayers based on numerous factors. Such as the age of the owner, nature of the area, property’s occupancy, usage of the property, the owner’s income, age of the property, etc.

land tax online

What is Integrated Revenue e-Payment System?

An online payment system has been introduced in active online villages. Since 2015 as an additional feature of ReLIS that enables citizens to pay various taxes online from anywhere at any time. The public can pay the amount directly through the village offices or this system.

The amount collected will be efficiently transferred to the government treasury, and accounts will be digitally managed at all revenue offices. The application is also equipped for the collection of revenue collection dues and disbursement of welfare funds.

Its main objective is to reduce the scope of land/property disputes, increase transparency in the land record maintenance system. And, ultimately towards the guaranteed titles of immovable properties in the country under the National Land Records Coordination Program. The web application is designed to allow payment of land tax, service of online mutations, and revival reform. You can also access it through your mobile / tab.

land tax online

Who should pay land tax?

Note that the owner does not have to pay any land tax as long as the plot is vacant. That is, however, not true for an empty house. Also, land or property tax is not the same as the annual tax. The annual tax that you are liable to pay every year from your income under the income tax laws. You have to pay taxes on your real estate assets under the head income from house property under the IT Act on your annual income.

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The unit area value system

Municipalities in different cities of different countries use this system to calculate land tax. Under this system, a per-unit price is attached, based on the built-up area or carpet area. The location and the usage of the property also determine the tax rate that will be applied. Which is based on the expected returns from the property.

How to pay

Most civic bodies in different countries have now switched to the online mode for payment of land tax. So, you can pay land tax online on the municipal body’s website. Or, by downloading the app of your municipal body on your mobile phone. Land tax payment can be made online, using your property’s unique ID and PIN allotted to you. The payment can also be made using net banking, debit/credit card, and mobile wallet credentials. Alternatively, you could also pay property tax offline by visiting the municipal office. Where you can fill and submit the suitable form and make the payment through cheque.

land tax online

Who imposes Land Tax?

Also known as land tax, property tax is one of the major income sources for city municipal bodies. Municipalities use different methods to arrive at your real estate asset’s annual value. And impose a tax rate, depending on that value. You must pay the land tax online once or twice in an assessment year to your area’s local municipal body. The civic body’s revenue generated through land tax collection to build and improve the area’s infrastructure. Apart from offering and maintaining amenities including water and power supply, sewage systems, lighting, and cleanliness. Civic bodies have different rules and valuation methods. The land tax rate is different from one area to another area and one city to another city.

So this is how you can pay land tax online. You will find most of the options here in this article. If you find anything more challenging regarding this, you can contact your respective country’s government.